Humourous Happenings or Thursday Tom Foolery …aka, Funny Stuff I Laughded At


laughingcat.jpgI don’t know what that title means except, I want to laugh. I am not starting some weekly post like Whatever Wednesday’s or Fill-In Friday’s. I will inevitably fail at making sure they happen and happen well, so this is a one time thing, that may happen more than once. Yes, I know what I just said.

Anyway, here are some great links to stuff that has made me laugh today!

After you’ve had fun clicking on these links, leave me a comment with something that has made you laugh!

1 – Here is a Saturday afternoon with Carlos and his kids

2 – Gorilla’s are taking the stage

3 – What is causing global warming


4 – The Slip and Slide of Death

5 – How to Kill your TV Career

4 Responses to “Humourous Happenings or Thursday Tom Foolery …aka, Funny Stuff I Laughded At”

  1. I guess none of you have any sense of humor.


  2. 2 Jeff Weinkauf

    bad news – the interviewer was a really good fake. still very funny though!

  3. Tam and I wondered if it was fake. Like you said thought, very funny.

  4. By the way Jeff, you need to start your own blog…in your “free time” 🙂

    I’d read it.

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