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We had a great Pastors retreat today. I actually like what Steven Furtick calls them, “Pastor advances”. The reality is we are not retreating from what we do, we are digging in and evaluating to move forward. Anyway, every first Monday of the month, we head out to a little retreat center out of town called St Rita’s Retreat and have a great time fellowshipping, praying and dreaming.

We watched a video from last years C3 conference in Dallas, TX. Our creative director was out there last year and had a great time. We watched a session by T.D. Jakes. I know many of you may have your thoughts on him and his ministry, but you would be speaking from opinion (unless of course you know him and his ministry personally, then have at it). Based on the few times I have heard him speak, I find T.D. Jakes full of wisdom and an amazing communicator to leaders. He says himself that his greatest passion is to teach other leaders. And, I believe God has equipped him to do so.

His talk dealt with our responsibilities as leaders in the church. One of his points was this, “The Word has to flow to us, before it flows through us.” I have always challenged the worship ministry at TRF to live out their worship during the week. Then, when they come to lead on Sundays, they are leading from experience. T.D. also said, “It has to be in you before it can be in your church.” Such a great reminder that our churches only go where we can lead them. If we haven’t been there, we can’t take them there.

Many of you reading this blog are involved in some sort of leadership or service in your church. Let us challenge ourselves together to commit to living the life before we teach the life. The fact is that living it will probably be the best way of teaching it.

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  1. Basically another way to say “walk the talk.” ;-)Always a good thing to keep in mind. Glad I didn’t stop by today then! 😀

  2. 2 godsgalchild

    Amen and Amen! Great word to hold onto!

  3. Brandy I am here today. I don’t have email…our server is down. Give the church a call and come on by if you can 245-2612.

  4. “we are digging in and evaluating to move forward”
    i know it may seem so out of context but somehow , maybe due to my present state of mind , i found these lines rather effective.

    and yes, amen to that!

  5. and brent, i dont know if i’ve ever told you, but i really really like the name of your blog. “in worship”, its just such a stimulating title, if u really think over it, its thought provokin, leaves u with that serene feeling. totally adore it!

  6. Thanks Anu. I would always hope that whatever I and others are learning can challenge all of us to grow and deepen our knowledge and faith in God. Seeking Him honestly and fervently, that is being inWorship

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