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applebeatgoeson186.jpgSo I have been working hard at church this AM, watching the Apple announcement of their new iPods. We’ve been keeping in touch with this right here…

Very cool new iPods, now called the iPod Touch. 8/16gig, they look an feel exactly like the iPhone. They are WiFi, access via Safari and have access to iTunes wireless. Very cool. but I am still holding out for an iPhone. For iPhone users, there was some love. The new iPod touch has a 16g flash drive, so 16g is coming soon to an iPhone near you. Also, the new iTunes store access will be available via an update to iPhone users. They made some changes to the older 5G iPods as well, but the new iPod Touch looks pretty cool.


16 Responses to “iPod Touch”

  1. pathetic

  2. Ya, I know.

    Come on Jon help a brotha’ out!

  3. I’m here for you..

  4. tam.. you know you want to get him one :p Just look at how gorgeous they are..

  5. Thanks Jon! LOL!

  6. Jon, I’m real close to taking you off my blog roll! Now you go to room and think about it!

  7. :(.. that would be so sad.. I might cry.

  8. 8 Cheryl

    Hmm…I prefer my 30G video iPod. I’m thinking you keep it up with the iPhone and Santa isn’t going to get you one for Christmas. The elf sounds like she isn’t budging and isn’t going to pass the message on, LOL!

  9. This is all iConfusing to iMe. 😉

  10. Come on Cheryl, you know you at least want to hold one 🙂

    Brandy – You crack me up!

  11. Love it Brandy! 🙂

  12. 12 Cheryl

    I don’t mind holding one but all the extras…how much is the wifi connection going to set me back. Or I guess I can do what a friend of ours does and drive around Medford looking for free wifi signals. 🙂

  13. 13 Cheryl

    Check this out if you want an iPhone…it’s a contest on John Tesh’s show:

  14. Cheryl – I don’t think I could bring myself to look at that site. iPhone or not. It’s against my religion…

  15. 15 Cheryl

    Tam, it would keep him occupied for a bit…he has to win the iPhone…why not make him earn it! LOL

  16. thanks

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