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photo-117.jpgI had to take a second and give some thanks to a new buddy of mine in the blogging world…Pete Bishop. Some of you who frequent here also know about Pete and if you don’t, you need to get to know him. We are techies at heart. We are both in ministry. And I’ve really appreciated his humor and his passion for what he does. You can read it in his posts. Anyway, Pete just sent me this shirt and it cracks me up. My new favorite shirt. Thanks Pete! You rock!


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  1. Cool shirt!

  2. I like. It cracks me up. I guess it’s actually pretty deep as well.

  3. 3 Cheryl

    Hey! Marcus has one of those in a onesie!

  4. 4 lazrus2

    So, is that why you picked “Waiting on You Again” for worship tonight? Actually I know it’s about ‘waiting on God’ but I think most of the time He’s really ‘waiting on us’ to ‘load’ or ‘take a different road’ maybe? I sang it this AM too, thinking I’m about ready to see some different ‘scenery’ too. But then again waiting for the ‘loading’ can develop more patience (as noted in the weekend’s sermons) can’t it? That’s why it’s best we just say “Here I am” and wait for the specific directions from God before going anywhere(?), though He has given us the Roadmap already =}.
    P.S. You look a lot like Geoff Garrett there. So you’re going back to short from the curly locks, huh? Nick can never stand growing his out for very long either, but his is straight and unruly ={.

  5. AH HA HA! I am cracking up!!
    I have seen those on onesies too (like what Cheryl said Marcus has.)

    I almost stopped by to see you today but I had Aidan and Owen with me and not much time. We were picking Dylan up from his first day at preschool! 😀

    Maybe sometime when I am kidless. 😉

  6. lazrus2 – I’d like to say that it was all more spiritual than it really was, but I picked out that song yesterday and I got the shirt today. Of course, God could be confirming it today 🙂

    Brandy – PLEASE stop by! And we are praying for your sis. Very excited for this new baby!

  7. 7 lazrus2

    Yeah, twice if not three times already?

  8. still waiting…

  9. 9 godsgalchild

    Isn’t your loading line a little too full? :_”


  10. Hey Man. Its been great to get to know you. Rock on! can’t wait to stop by for coffee and hear some Legacy stories some day!

  11. godsgalchild – Be nice 🙂

    Pete – It’s been my pleasure. Someday…coffee!

  12. godsgal…. AH HA HA HA HAAAA!! That was goood. 😉

    Brent…. bummer I don’t have time tomorrow and you are off on Friday! I’m doing calls for the CMN at RVMC tomorrow from noon to 1 and then I have a counseling appt from 2:30-3:30 and in between I have to run home to feed Owen. WHEW!

    Baby Naomi looks just like McKenna! 😀 Kacie did goooood too! No epidural! I hate her!! 😉 😀

    BTW, my dad is here too. BLECH. 😦

  13. hmmm….I was thinking “Loading – Please Wait” should be on the back of all your pants too. You all KNOW I’m just being honest!

  14. OMG that is hilarious!!!!! 😀

  15. Thanks Brandy 😕 – hey, you can also come by the house if you ever want to.

  16. What question is what exactly are we waiting for you to load?

  17. Amy – From the answers I’ve already gotten, you can probably make up anything you want 🙂

  18. I still don’t know where you live! LOL HOW is that possible?! heehee.

    I’ll send you an email.

  19. Amy – Since everyone else is making their own ideas up, you can probably fill in the blank and just join in 🙂

    Brandy – Call us. How’s your sis?

  20. I don’t know that either….even though you’ve given it to me before. I suck. 😉

    I’ll try to catch you this weekend at church.

    Kacie is good. She went home today but I haven’t talked to her since this morning. Knowing her she’ll go to church this weekend still! LOL HA! I’ll tell her you were asking. 😀

  21. 21 ur daughter

    dad, you crack me up! 🙂

  22. 22 lazrus2

    I’ll ‘fill in the blank’ for what’s still ‘loading’: “godly wisdom and the courage to pursue truth no matter the cost”!
    Seriously, those are the only things that give me hope to keep on ‘waiting’.

  23. Glad to keep you smiling sis!

    lazrus2 – There is definite hope in His truth.

  24. LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    even though i only know you through the blogging world, i think its safe to say that shirt TOTALLY suits you!!!
    and i haven’t forgotten about recording for you….. its coming i PROMISE!
    blessings today.

  25. Thanks Mandy…I think…

    No problem on your time for the recording. Looking forward to it!

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