Planet Formation Mystery Solved


space.jpgI was reading through that amazing news source, Yahoo news and I ran pass this the other day. Interesting article about the formation of planets, but I did find some humor in it. Here is a qoute from the article,

“The solution: Together, many boulders can join to fight a cosmic headwind that otherwise would doom them.”

That cracks me up! I guess boulders have achieved intelligence and formed some sort of alliance. Anyway, enjoy the article.


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  1. I wanted to mention that I linked you & also responded to your comment on my blog! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. 2 lazrus2

    ‘Just a thought this AM about your ‘boulder’ quote and comment:
    Maybe it’s one of those, “if we don’t, they will” things (Lk. 19:40)? Yeah, you would hope we’re smarter than rocks (?=)!

  3. lazrus2 – I like your thought. Did you catch the comment Giglio made in his book. He said, “if God told the rocks to sing they would”. Do you think he was saying they don’t unless God says to do so? I was always under the impression that they praise hi all the time. I was just curious about his thought. He may have just been trying to get a point across.

  4. 4 lazrus2

    Well, I had to skim half the book to find that quote, but I finally did. Just a sentence or so later he writes(as if God were speaking), “I know your voice, even the thoughts of your heart. And your worship–your arrows of affection reach My heart.”
    I think the point is He can make anything ‘able to praise Him’ but we are the only part of His creation He gives the ‘choice’ to. So, it’s not until we stop choosing to that He might resort to the rocks, etc (or they might just naturally ‘erupt’ in protest –Rom. 8:22??). I don’t think I want to be around to find that out, do you? So, we’d best keep praising Him!
    It’s also encouraging to think that ‘He knows my voice’ and is blessed by the heart behind it no matter the external ‘sound’ quality or ‘style’. It has to be at least as good as a rock, I’d hope =}?!

  5. I kinda like the swarming boulder thing. Maybe we can use it for a lyric…

    Swarming boulders
    so much older
    than the planets they become
    Joined together
    they will never
    fall prey to a wayward sun

    Forget it. Too folky.

  6. lazrus2 – I see that now, thanks for helping me wrap my head around it.

    frdave – Welcome, I appreciate you coming by. That’s hilarious! I see where Joel gets his sense of humor 🙂

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