Tag – Part 2


Ok, so as I posted earlier today, I have been tagged twice this week.

The second tag was by Joel over at CEC Worship. Go check him out. He wanted me to post my favorite movie clips. THIS IS HARD! There have been so many movies I’ve enjoyed, funny to serious, intense to relaxed. So I’ve picked a few out from a couple categories. Action, Comedy, Sports and Drama. Here ya go…

ACTION – True Lies, I loved this movie, very entertaining.

COMEDY – Tommy Boy, One of the greatest comedies ever! I found these 2 videos on youtube that edited together the funniest clips from the movie…ENJOY!

SPORTS – Hoosiers, classic film.

DRAMA – Saving Private Ryan, The premise of this movie blows me away. They are fighting the biggest war ever and they stop and risk everything to bring one kid home. The challenge that Tom Hanks makes to Matt Damon in the last battle scene would be overwhelming for anyone to handle. From this scene I’ve posted, you see the anguish this man (Matt Damon 40 years later) lived his whole life bearing. It is an amazing contrast to the grace we have in our God and the life of freedom He desires us to live!


4 Responses to “Tag – Part 2”

  1. Okay normally I hate Tommy Boy but thos clips were funny all by themselves. 😉 Jake LOVES that movie! Anything Chris Farley he loves. 😉

  2. THOSE…I do know how to spell, however I apparently don’t know how to tpe. 😉

  3. Tell Jake I like him even more now 🙂

  4. ah ha ha! I think you would love him if you got a beer in him (b/c well..ya know, he’s a little “reserved”)and watched this movie! LOL ha ha! He could recite this movie word for word….annoying! LOL 😉

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