Just A Reminder


Based on the current discussion, I just saw this and had to post it…


Thanks to Cries if the Heart


11 Responses to “Just A Reminder”

  1. send this to me , I have to make it a hard copy and hang it some where..hahahahaa love it! you are totally cool! just adore you!

  2. never mind…i figured it out, and now have my own…hahahaha that is so funny and so real all at the same time!

    Princess to princess, i am really praying for all who have been hurt by people who pose as Christ followers, and have missed the boat themself…guess i should pray more for them too.

  3. 3 Jon

    The cartoon says it all… great find brent!

  4. Darla – Glad you got it figured out. I agree with you, we should be praying for all, bit just the ones we think are doing ok. Did you just call me a Princess???

    Jon – thanks dude. I am anxious to hear about recording!

  5. I think she did call you a princess…I was cracking up when I read that earlier today! HEEHEE
    Made me giggle.

    Pwincess Bwent. ah ha ha!
    You’d look good in a tiara!

  6. ha ha ha, that’s really quite funny.

  7. Brandy – Tiara? Come on!

    hoverfrog – Thanks for coming over. Glad I could encourage a chuckle 🙂

  8. that is awesome

  9. Yes,I think I will buy you one and coronate you on Sunday. You MUST wear it during worship. AH HA HA!! heehee

    totally kidding. ;o)

  10. Yikes Bran!

  11. Beautiful.

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