“Reading Rainbow” Update


I wanted to give everyone an update on my 10 books in 10 weeks discipline, “Reading Rainbow”.

First of all, I am making a ton of new blog world friends and there are a bunch of new visitors, so let me explain. Over the past 9 weeks I have been reading a book a week and then reviewing it here on the blog. It has been an amazing 9 weeks. lots of great reads. Small books and some big books. Many have been easy to read and a couple have been very complex but all with wonderful depth and wisdom. I have been challenged tremendously. My habits have been brought into question. My commitment to service and reaching out to the community have been stretched. Just the simple discipline of reading has made me fuller in many ways. It’s been good. If you want to read from the beginning, just go here, scroll to the first post and make your way up. Over the next couple of days, I will place links in my sidebar to the reviews of the books I have read.

So, how am I doing on the most recent book…you ask? The latest book I have been reading, “The Dangerous Act Of Worship” by Mark Labberton has been amazing. Hands down the most impacting book I have read on this journey. Because this book has been so impacting, I am going to set it down and take my time with it to make sure I can appropriately chew on it. I don’t want to rush through a book, just to read it in a week. This specific one is too important for me to rush through. So, I am going to read through a smaller devotional style book on worship this weekend. I am going to read through “The Air I Breathe” by Louie Giglio. I have had this one for a while and have not dug into it. It is small enough to get through easily, but I have heard amazing things about it, so I am excited to read it.

So, on Sunday, you should have a review for this book here on the blog. Next week I will finish up this 10 week journey with “The Gospel According To Starbucks” by Leonard Sweet. Should be fun!

Tell me about what books you have been reading. I plan to keep digging in even after the 10 weeks are done.


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  1. [insert applause here]

  2. I just got applause from Mandy. I feel like I’ve won an award or something 🙂

    By the way Mandy, I loved you awards speech on Billy’s blog. LOL

  3. 3 Jon

    I read “The Dangerous Act of Worship” awhile back. It was an incredible book! I just got done reading Sex God, it was a great read.. and well, Rob Bell-ish. I love the way he communicates. I’m getting ready to start “The Dust off Their Feet.” It’s a book on Acts and lessons from the early church re-told. It looks to be good.

  4. Sex God is on my list, I have it sitting on my desk at work. Dust of Their Feet sound good. Let me know what you think.

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