WordPress vs. Blogspot Poll


Alright, so I have asked all of you to come over and check out this blog. I want your opinion. Let me know if you like the old blog (Blogspot), or this new one (WordPress) better. I’ll make my decision based on what all of you say.

Comment here and let me know!


14 Responses to “WordPress vs. Blogspot Poll”

  1. Hi caught you over at Anne’s. I am voting for WordPress, it’s my personal favorite. Have a good one.

  2. howdy! 🙂
    i told tam that i did some research b4 signing up for a blog, and wordpress seems to have more to offer….. so that alone is reason to come over to the darkside! 🙂
    as for layout, i actually like y’all’s blogspot stuff better — but that’s bc i see a LOT of wordpress blogs and not as many of the blogspot layouts… but, if you don’t like current wordpress options, they usually spit out a new one every month.
    for me, personally, i think its more about function.

  3. Make the switch. You’ll be discovering new and better features for at least a year.

  4. WordPress, all the way.

    Especially since when I clicked on your blogspot URL just now, I got:
    Server Error
    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

    Please try again in 30 seconds.

    Also, would you consider linking to TheWorshipCommunity.Com for us as well? That would be awesome – it’s a forum for worship leaders, technologies for worship, worship songwriting, musicians, etc.

    For the Kingdom

  5. Thanks for the confirms guys.

    Mandy-I am sure we will keep adjusting things as time goes along, but I really like the clean lines and easy maneuvering on the WordPress sites

    Fred – Blogger always has little issues. One of them is I have 2 comments there today and I only get intermittent notifications from them telling me I have comments. So far WordPress has bee flawless.. Also, I go the Forum link up…Thanks!

  6. I like them both … I’ve also thought of making the change … too scared about loosing all my old posts though 😦

  7. I like this one better…so how time consumming was it to switch???

  8. heather – All my posts transfered from blogger to here including all categories and comments. You wouldn’t lose anything. There are really great tutorials on WordPress to help someone through the switch as well.

    Cheryl – Like any startup, it has taken about 4-5 hours of time over the last couple of days to get things the way I like it and to get used to WordPress. But once the foundation is there, it is already saving me some time. I am now notified of all comments. I can see them all in one place and manage them and there are even built in blog statistics so you don’t have to join services like sitemeter.

  9. 9 tam

    yup, what he said


  11. So far, I agree!

  12. wordpress.

  13. 13 snowjunkie

    Welcome to wordpress!

  14. Thanks snowjunkie. hopefully you didn’t catch me in the middle of updates. the blog was a little crazy for a while.

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