All I See Is Beauty


This is my wife. Today, August 18th we have been married 16 years. She will hate this picture (she hates every picture) but maybe it is my fault, because I can’t see anything but beauty in her.

When I first saw her, I was very much attracted to her. I didn’t know her yet, but I wanted to. When I found out she did not know the Lord, I had to be patient, because I knew if I got involved, I would stay involved. I wanted this relationship so bad, but I wanted it to please God. He blessed me. All I see is what God has given me. A beautiful, confident, gifted woman of God!

I had faith she would come to know the Lord and she did. When I got to know her, it was obvious to me that this was the one. She makes me better…she makes me want to be better…I have to be the best for her. She has always encouraged my walk with the Lord. When I have failed in my spiritual leading, she has reminded me to lead. When I have made mistakes, she was always waiting for me to learn and grow from what I had done. Whenever I am weak, she is picking up the slack. We work!

Tammy, I love you so much. As a “completely NON-metro sexual” I should be embarrassed to say this…I am tearing up, BUT I am not embarrassed. I am not embarrassed to cry with you or for you. I am not embarrassed to take on someone or something for you. I am not embarrassed ever to call you my wife and best friend. I am not embarrassed to try harder and to admit I am wrong for you.

Happy Anniversary! I love you Tammy! I am so looking forward to hitting 50 years with you!


26 Responses to “All I See Is Beauty”

  1. 1 Billy Chia

    Very Awesome! Congratulations!

  2. 2 Tam

    I didn’t know my little tear ducts could work right when I wake up! I have no words…except…

    Every guy/husband/boyfriend should read this…that’s right, any girl who has just read this, go get your man and “lovingly” force him to read! If you like this kind of thing of course!!!

  3. 3 Bran

    Jake WILL be reading this later. ;o)

    Hmmmm, someone’s gettin’ lucky later! AH HA HA! ;o)

    I saw this post on your facebook first, and I didn’t see the picture so I was expecting it to be a sleeping/no makeup/bad hair day type of picture….

    I like that picture too! VERY CUTE!

  4. 4 lazrus2

    There is no woman in the world who wouldn’t be ‘blown away’ by that commendation (especially the “She makes me better…” paragraph). Any of us want to be that in whatever relationship(s) God gives us(be it with husband, son, father, or ‘brother’). ‘Guess that’s why God created us to be man’s ‘helper, huh? We all just want to be wanted and valued by men for that, I guess.

  5. 5 Gods Gal

    BIG brownie points!!!! LOL I am so blessed to have a man who feels this way about me……God is so good at matching us!!! You guys are awesome, WE look forward to your 50th as well.

  6. 6 mandy

    she’s beautiful!!!
    happy anniv!

  7. 7 Tam

    this is just about all the gooey mushiness i can handle for one day…

    B- we’re gonna start grossing our blog friends out if we don’t take it down a notch dude!

    i love you sweet munchkins (sorry, had to!)

  8. 8 Bran

    AH HA HA!! ;o)

  9. 9 Heather

    How sweet! Happy anniversary!

  10. 10 Brent Hodge

    Thanks for the congrats everyone!

    Sorry Tam I like the mush. Maybe I should fart on my blog to be more real or something?


  11. 11 jennyhope

    you guys are so precious!!

  12. 12 bran

    EEEW Brent….even YOUR cyber fart would be smelt around the world! ;o) hehe

  13. 13 Brent Hodge

    Ya, probably πŸ™‚

  14. 14 Anu

    wow! just wow.
    its so endearin to read abt u guys.
    and yeah…i guess all women hate all pictures of themselves.heh
    loverly post.
    happy anniversary!
    PS tammy really IS pwwetii!

  15. 15 klampert

    woo hoo…congrats dude!

  16. nice..I like this one…good template…need your pic back though. lol

  17. Ya, I am not sure why the pic isn’t up yet? I loaded it into my account a couple of times, but nothing is happening.

    I am going to work with the CSS stuff over the next day or two and then probably officially make the change!

  18. get a new pic of self dude!

  19. Changed it for ya! Of course I am keeping my Avatar.

  20. 20 kassota

    don’t confuse me with words like “avatar”

  21. ha ha ha…avatar avatar…where art thou avatar

  22. Our Creative Director yesterday told me the word Avatar makes him think of a Pony with wings and an Eagles head…


  23. that a gryphon/pegasus hybrid…

    if so..I like it..and I want one

  24. I’d be afraid to pet it!

  25. you guys are weird

  26. Klampert, this is the best I could do…

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