Do What You Will


There is a song by Desperation Band called “Ready Now”. I love the phrase, “I’m ready now, Do what You will.”

An hour after we got back into town from seeing my Dad, I was on my way to soccer practice with my son. As we were driving along I felt comfortable. It was interesting. All I had to do was be back in town and I was comfortable. It was what I knew. I was in my “hood”…sorry.

Then I began to think about some of the things I have been reading lately. So many challenges to step out of my comfort zone and to be someone I haven’t been. I then began praying. How do I start this? What should I be doing? Where should I be looking? If I am so comfortable with my lifestyle here, how am I ever going to know what to do? Do I have to move to be out of my comfort zone? Then I heard a loud and clear voice, “It’s not what you do, it’s who you become.” Wow, where did that come from? I knew it was God, He was very clear. I suddenly knew what I had to do…nothing! I can’t do anything to gain God’s character in my life. He has to do it. Now, I understand that does mean I need to surrender, to Him, in everything. So I do have to do something. And I am “Ready Now”.

As we were pulling off the freeway, I turned up the radio and this song was playing…

You come like you promised You would
I want to surrender for good
I know that I need You
And I don’t want to keep living life alone

So take my heart
and make it new
make it true
And make it like You
Take my hands
I lift them high
They’re Yours not mine to do
Do what you will
Do what you will
Do what you will

I’m ready now

WOW, what a conformation. Here I am, I’m ready, do what You will.

Look at the life of Christ. We all seek to be like Him…right? It was never about what Jesus did, it has always been about who He is. It wasn’t about having Lazrus back, it was about His glory shining through. It wasn’t about an issue of blood, it was about His mercy. He didn’t come to die on a cross, He came to be a Savior! I had to think about that last statement for a while. The cross is a symbol that the world seems to love. They are willing to take on the comfort of an icon around their neck, but are they willing to surrender to the Savior that was nailed to it. I will never discount the cross and what it means to me as a Christian. But it isn’t my salvation, Jesus is!

So, I surrender, I lay down, I am Yours, I am ready now, do what You will.


5 Responses to “Do What You Will”

  1. 1 Anu

    when i read the words… i found them so appealing. its true..some times somethings just click you. u instantly identify with ’em.
    ive had these thoughts more often than anyone…what if i never realise my calling in life.
    im a person of faith too. totally believe god will lead the way.
    nice post.

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    Thanks Anu – You are right, God is always leading, we just need to be faithful to listen and follow. I think first and foremost our calling is to surrender to Him. He will be faithful to placing us where we need to be.

  3. 3 lazrus

    Definitely ‘God’ words and thoughts! Now prepare for enemy attack, if it hasn’t come already (actually it did on this end trying to post this the first time). He hates those kind of serious prayers! What is the name of that song and the CD it’s on? ‘Sounds like one that would be good for AM worship, maybe? (No, I will never give it ‘up’, just perhaps ‘over’).
    ‘Sounds like you’re taking the ‘challenge to change’ head on. Still, it’s “not by might, or power, but only by His Spirit” that the ‘fruit’ beyond the words appears.
    By the way, it’s spelled ‘Lazarus’, not ‘Lazrus’ unless you were meaning something else by it?

  4. 4 Brent Hodge

    Lazrus – Thanks for the encouragement! And already today I sat and had to argue with myself about a decision to make. I was placed in the middle of something and I wanted to run. Please pray for me for attacks. I did not run today, but I sure I will at times.

    The song is Ready now by Desperation Band on the CD Who You Are. I will begin using it as well. An anthem for me at least.

    I was never a huge Leslie Phillips fan, but I will never forget that way she put that verse(Zech. 4:6) to song.

    No other meaning, just the wrong spelling. I tend to be a little weak in the spelling department

  5. 5 jennyhope

    thank you for your post to give Him some praise. It is so encouraging to see a couple both seeking Jesus. I love those verses in Micah!

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