Youth Pastor Fined By FCC for Slip OF The Tongue


I don’t know how many of you saw this last year. But if you haven’t watch this first…

So, I guess there is this “prank” group that likes to prank religious people. I watched a couple of their videos and I’m not really sure what I think. Anyway, they decided to prank this Youth Pastor that had a slip of the tongue. I did think this was funny. It is a little long, but it just made me squirm. What would you do if something like this happened to you?


10 Responses to “Youth Pastor Fined By FCC for Slip OF The Tongue”

  1. 1 Russell Hawkins

    SOOOOO not cool!

    (yet awesome….)

  2. 2 lazrus2

    That was terrible!! Had no one any compassion for the poor guy??
    All for the sake of ‘fun’???!! He could have had a heart attack!
    Have we nothing better to do than ridicule people for their mistakes, and then broadcast it to the world?


  3. 3 Cheryl

    Ok, so considering that it appeared that the whole staff knew this was a prank by the looks on their faces. So why would they do such a thing…hmm…I have a feeling Mr. Youth Pastor is a prankster himself. I don’t feel too badly for him. Bet ya the youth have pulled a few on him and vice versa…nope I don’t feel sorry for him…HAHAHAA!

    Funny thing though he sort of reminded me of Ron… they go around playing pranks on Pastor’s…oh Brent…not a good thing to tell people…gotta go check their website..muahhaaa! Kidding! I would NEVER do that to anyone.

  4. 4 Brent Hodge

    I saw a couple of the other pranks and honestly, this is the only one I could stomach. Of course I knew the story already so that helped. This “prank” group is a little extreme. they dragged this on forever didn’t they.

  5. 5 Cheryl

    The key was to keep it short and I agree that they dragged it out too long. I am surprised that the guy didn’t have heart failure.

    The first video is a public speaker’s worst nightmare

  6. 6 Brandy

    Okay, am I mean or what? B/c I was CRACKING UP over this!!
    Yes, they did drag it out a little long…. too long actually…when his face got almost purple and he put his head in his hands I thought “OH CRAP He’s gonna lose it!”…. but other than that, I thought it was funny. Jake is going to DIE when he sees this! Yes, we have a strange sense of humor. ;o)
    I couldn’t stop laughing at the first clip though either….so then to watch the “prank” Oh man…

  7. 7 bran...again

    I love the first comment….”soooo not cool (yet awesome…) AH HA HA HAAAA!!!! LMBO!!

  8. 8 Brent Hodge

    He was SO patient.

    I think I would have blown. No, I know I would have blown!

  9. 9 bill cecchini

    loved every second of it

    i’ve always wanted to be pranked like that!

  10. 10 Brent Hodge

    Bill – I don’t know if my patience would work long enough. I am sure I would have been in their face trying to plead my case.

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