Eugene, Oregon…Go Ducks!


So, now that we can breathe in a little, we enjoyed a relaxing day here in Eugene, Oregon. My wife and I lived her for 2 1/2 years and my folks have been here for 17. My dad has been the Senior Pastor of First baptist Church since the fall of 1990. Which puts his retirement into perspective. He’s been here for a while and it has been a wonderful place for him to end his Pastoral career.

So Eugene is a College town. University of Oregon is here and we happen to be huge Ducks fans. We’ve gone through a tough time here the last couple of years with the football program, but the basketball team did just fine this year. I actually really enjoy this town. Lots of boutique shops and restaurants and lots of culture for Oregon. Of course with that culture comes some interesting people. This is a huge missions field here. Eugene is one of the least churched areas of Oregon. About 6-8%. Incredible isn’t it.

Anyway, my Son is the biggest Duck fan of all. We are staying at a hotel next to the hospital which is adjacent to the University, so we took some time walking him around today. This is where he wants to go to school. We had a great time with my brother and family and my Mom as well.

Dad is doing well, but is anxious to go home now. They probably aren’t going to release him untill Friday. He was feeling a little worse this afternoon, but that is expected with all he went through today. He just wants to be well and gets down easily when things aren’t moving fast enough. Of course Dad and Mom are planning to travel down to Medford to be in our neighborhood this Sunday once he’s out so they can start moving furniture into their house down there…We’ll see!

So, I thought I’d leave you with pictures from today. Thanks everyone for continued prayers and encouragement!

Nice view behind the hotel.

Ducks of course!

I am not sure I should be offended by this

My boy at the University gates

Checking out construction on Hayward field. Home of Prefontaine and the US Track and Field trials.

Home of the Final 8 basketball team. MacArthur Court

I took this pic last fall when my boy and I went to a football game. I am sure he’d want the pic posted here. He loves him some Duck football.

We walked through the cemetery on campus. Most of the people here passed away in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. I would love to know some of the stories. There is a family buried here. Both children under the age of 1 and Mom died in the same year a couple of months a part. Dad is buried there with a cement slab that just reads Father and no other story. I would love to know the story. This one caught my attention as well.

Remember “Animal House”? This is one of the homes used in the movie. Yup, it was filmed here. the main house from the movie is long gone. It was demolished years ago.

My Dad’s church owns two houses on campus a Sorority (The Trinity House) and a Fraternity (The AO House). Very cool. This is the AO House (Alpha and Omega).

We had dinner with the whole family (minus Dad of course) at Pearl Street Ice Cream Parlor (originally a Farrell’s). I love this place. Greasy burgers, BLT’s, Huge fries and Ice Cream to die for. My daughter and I shared this.

This is as far as we got!

5 Responses to “Eugene, Oregon…Go Ducks!”

  1. 1 Tam

    If anyone was wondering…please say you were…i was with the fam all day just not in any pics…thanks dear!

  2. 2 Bran

    I love the pics! 🙂 Tam, where you taking the pics?? That is why I am never in any. Jake takes crappy pics. ;o)
    I love the one of Kota at the gates….keep that and take one just like it if he goes to school there! That would be cool!

    And Brent….BOUTIQUES?? Dudes like boutiques???

  3. 3 Brent Hodge

    Hun – I will dedicate a post to you and your beauty as soon as I get a chance 🙂

    Bran – A boutique shop is like a specialty shop. I didn’t say I liked boutiques, I said I like the little boutique shops.

    There is a huge difference…I think.

  4. 4 Tam

    No boutiques for this man! He is as far from metro-sexual as any one man can be!

    IF Kota goes to school there…yup! i told him he better start mowing lawns for college $$$

  5. 5 Cheryl

    I liked Eugene too, the little I saw of it. Had to go there for immigration stuff. Looks like Brent’s idea of a boutique is ice cream, greasy burgers…I can’t see him anywhere else!

    Ya I was wondering where you were, Tam…ya, sure…I assumed you were the photographer…ya, that’s it! 😉

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