Post Surgery Update


Well, I think we have some good news today. They performed the angiogram on my Dad at about 7:30 this morning. We were told about 1 1/2-2 hours. To my surprise about an hour in, I went down to his room to grab my Mom her sweater and my Dad was there in his room awake and alert. It concerned me a bit that the surgery went so fast. Once I got back to the waiting room, the doctor was there talking to my Mom.

When my Dad had his bypass surgery, they did 5 bypasses. They new within a short amount of time that 2 of the bypasses had not taken. Our main concern in this process today was that the other 3 were failing as well. The doctor let us know that all 3 are in perfect condition. He noticed a lot of vasculitis in the original veins, which was expected. Lupus can attack the veins and scar them and they clog. The doctor was very confident that my Dad’s heart is strong and he is not concerned at all of any heart damage or heart attack possibilities. The pain my Dad has been experiencing is caused mostly by the vasculitis. They are going to begin a process of daily pain management and lifestyle changes that should help my Dad be comfortable and allow him to live well for years to come.

There is so much positive in what happened today. I believe that God has answered my prayers of some good years for my Dad and Mom to retire. Also, I believe that my Dad will be well and able to leave the church here with a couple good weeks of teaching and leadership before he goes.

Thank you for everything you all are doing. the emails, calls, comments and most of all prayers have been heard loud and clear and I am grateful to you and to our God who heals and loves his children.

I will post later today and tomorrow with any updates!

8 Responses to “Post Surgery Update”

  1. 1 Bran

    Oh goooooooooood!!! That is WONDERFUL NEWS! It sounds like it coudln’t have gone better!

    So happy for you guys! 🙂

  2. 2 Cheryl

    AWESOME! Good thing I had to work last night or else I would have been checking your blog every hour! 😀 I am sure you all are relieved. THat “you all” is not limited to southern folks, many West Indians use it but it’s sandwiched in there in the middle of some admonishment of some sort! ;D I am using the North American version! HA!

  3. 3 Brent Hodge

    Thanks Bran. I read your post today. I thought it was funny that your life is so boring, but your post explaining that is like 8 pages long.

    Love ya!

  4. 4 Brent Hodge

    Cheryl – Do you know what is scary? I had a dream about fried pickles and boiled peanuts last night.

    I am NOT kidding!

  5. 5 Cheryl

    HAAAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Better watch out…I was going to ask if you thought you were pregnant b/c that sounds like one of those craving type dreams LOL!

  6. 6 mandy

    glad to be reading a positive report here…
    fried pickles & boiled peanuts… i gotta join Cheryl in asking: are you pregnant?

  7. 7 bran

    Has there ever been a topic that I COULDN’T ramble on about?? Really now…. 🙂 heehee

  8. 8 amy

    How sad that I had to wait this long to git caught up on y’all’s blog. I’m trying to my bestest Tam imitation.

    We were thrilled to see you guys and even more thrilled to see your dad twice this past weekend; at Jason’s wedding and speaking at Eric’s ordination!


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