More Info On My Dad


Many of you have been checking the blog for updates and I thank you. I apologize that this comes late in the evening, but some very good friends of ours, here in Eugene took us out to a great dinner. Excellent food and excellent company…Thanks Jeff and Amy!

We spent some time with my Dad this afternoon and we were there when the doctor stopped by so we were able to hear first hand what is happening and how he is doing. When we go there HE LOOKED GREAT! Tammy was here last week and at that time my Dad was looking and doing horrible. The new antibiotics have taken his temperature down to the 99 degree range. Better than the 104 temp he was dealing with for a couple of days. The doctor said that his X-rays look about the same, but he was happy with that. He would be concerned if had gotten worse, but he did not expect there to be a noticeable difference even if he was getting better. It takes time to clear Pneumonia. The doctor said my Dad has a lot against him (lupus, low immune system, medications that actually hinder him getting better quickly), but he is doing well. He is probably about 50% better. They are going ahead with the angiogram first thing in the morning. He will be in surgery at 7:45. They are expecting the surgery to take about an hour. I will do my best to post info as soon as I get it tomorrow.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your prayers. We are so grateful to have friends as all of you!


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