I’m Asking For Prayer


Some of you have followed along on either my blog or my wife’s blog. If you have you know that my Dad has had a rough year health wise. He has been fighting an extreme case of Lupus. It has taken it’s toll on him. Today he went back into the hospital. About 2 weeks ago he had a massive seizure caused by his fight with lupus. During his seizure, he aspirated and now is fighting pneumonia. We heard from my mom tonight that he is not well. The doctor’s are concerned as he is needing to have an angiogram done as soon as possible to possibly put stints in to alleviate stress on his heart due to the damage lupus has caused to his arteries. Things have been progressing downhill over the last couple of months and I don’t like to think negatively, but things are not getting better. The doctor’s are concerned he will make it through the angiogram, because his system is so weak. They need to get him in on either Monday or Tuesday and the pneumonia is holding them back. He is 6 weeks from retirement, brought on by his health. I don’t have a specific to pray for, just that as God leads us through this time that we would be patient, sensitive to His Spirit and that we would know how to provide for my Dad and my Mom in all of it.


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  1. 1 Cheryl

    PRaying for wisdom for the doctors and peace for your family. Rest i His arms knowing that He is in control. Hard to do…easy to say. Hang in there!

  2. 2 Anu

    he will be fine.
    u have our prayers.

  3. 3 Pete Bishop

    I’ll be praying.

  4. 4 bran

    awww Brent, I will pray for God’s guidance and care for you all. Much muuuuuuuch love!

  5. 5 lazrus2

    I’m sending your request along to every prayer warrior I know (who knows you too).
    God’s will will be completed in and through you all in this.

  6. 6 Brent Hodge

    Thank you everyone for your kindness and prayers. We will head up to Eugene first thing Monday to be with him and see how things are going.

    I talked to my Mom tonight and he is not improving, but they are pumping him full of stuff to help. I just found out today that he has lost almost 20 lbs in the last 2 weeks. The seizure he had 2 weeks ago really took a toll on him and caused ore damage than everyone thought.

    I am praying for comfort for him. I’m tired of seeing him hurt. That is a scary prayer, because it could mean eternal comfort. But I am trusting it means for today. I am praying that he can enjoy at least a good year with Mom in retirement before God takes him. It sounds selfish, but I am not praying that for me, I am truly praying that for him.

    Thank you again!

  7. 7 amy

    Brent –

    Amy and I will be praying friend.


  8. 8 Bran

    I’ll second that prayer that he has at LEAST that much time with your mom. That will be such a special time for them.

    You know how much I love you? You were always my “surrogate” 😉

    I will be praying…..


    Prayers have been sent.

  10. 10 Gods Gal

    B-Proverbs 4:20-22 was something I came accross yesterday and thought of you. I don’t think you’re in any way selfish with your prayer, I understand where you are right now and will continue to pray with you in agreement. You know how much Jer and I love you guys….

    I just want to give you some promises I hold onto regarding my parents…Phil 4:19, Matthew 7:8, Mark 11:24, Matthew 21:2

    I pray Jehovah-Rapha will be your peace as He answers your prayer…
    Your family has gone out on several prayer chains…

    love you guys

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