Baby Leino


I was looking through my blog reader today and I read a post by NewBoxes. After reading his post I immediately went over to check out the blog he referred me to.

There is a blog for Baby Leino. Issac Leino is a little guy that was born to loving parents in February of this year and he went home to be with the Lord this last Sunday evening. Issac was born with many medical issues and his parents decided to create a blog archiving his journey. As I read through post after post, I was impacted, saddened, in awe and most of all encouraged by this little family that found such hope and faith in God through this journey. And seeing the response to the blog, God has used them to impact 1000’s.

When you have a chance read through Isaac’s journey. It will bless you


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  1. 1 Anonymous


    I am a woman who has had the privilege of serving on the worship team with Jordan and Patience Leino (Baby Isaac’s parents). These kids are so young to have the benefit of faith that I HAVE NEVER SEEN IN MY 44 YEARS. Isaac’s life and his parents faith will impact the nations for years to come.

    Love you and your blog.


  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    Thanks so much Connie for commenting. Please pass along to the family that I have been touched by their faith and their willingness to share. I hope people will read their blog for years and truly be affected by it.

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