"Reading Rainbow" Book 6 – Week 6


Last week I read through 2 books. I spoke of the first here and then I made mention to the second here. The second book was “Stand Against The Wind” by Erwin McManus. It is interesting to read this book the week after I read through Bill Hybels book. They both are essentially speaking to the same thing, the character of God, alive and well within us. I told Pastor David today that it was as if someone handed Hybels and McManus the sermon notes and I got to here them both teach the same sermon. Needless to say, this book, as was Hybels, was very impacting. It is hard to read through these books and really soak everything in. I am going to find myself looking back through every once in a while and reminding and rereading things, just so they stay fresh.

Anyway, the first page of the book begins with our challenge to really live. Erwin made the statement that to truly know God is to have His character in our lives. I have heard Erwin speak a couple of times and have read one of his other books. He is so passionate about us as believers living fully as God intended. He is concerned how “the world” has completely affected us and limited us to living this way. He says, “To discover what it means to be truly human, the only one we can turn to is God.” He goes on to say, “A person God Himself deems as wise is one who not only hears His voice, but immediately begins to act upon His instruction.” I love that statement. It is a challenge. It is not enough to hear, but we need to also act. Erwin said, “You cannot follow Jesus and remain the same…It’s nothing less than leaving the fake for the real.” There is the overwhelming message in this book. “Real” life is not the aches and pains, the ups and downs, the family issues and joys. It is the character of God “alive and kicking” in our everyday life. God intended for us to live through “life” not as sitting ducks, but as beacons of hope and love.

Erwin speaks to aspects of God’s character and how to allow God’s character to transform our lives. He says that it starts with a complete surrendering to God…a “revolution of the soul”. Here are some great quotes from the book.

Humility – “When a person has an attitude problem, what he or she really has is an arrogance problem.”

Gratitude – “When we are grateful, we are most fully alive. Gratitude allows us to absorb every possible pleasure from a moment.” “When we embrace bitterness, we reject grace.”

Perseverance – “Transformation is both the miracle of God and the stewardship of man.”

Integrity – “Integrity is not just about who we are, but who we seek to become.” “Integrity is not about being ‘flawless’ but being ‘falseless’.”

Belonging – “When a person is whole, he or she sees love as limitless. We are designed to be conduits of love; the problem is we’ve been disconnected with the Source of love.”

Courage – Re: Joshua 1:1-9 – “God’s part…I will never leave you nor forsake you, and Joshua’s part…be strong and courageous.” “It was God’s promise, but it was Joshua’s responsibility.” “When God speaks, it requires immediate attention.”

Generosity – “generosity isn’t about how much we give but about how much it costs us.” “The generous see themselves as stewards of God’s treasures. They are not cautious in giving themselves away.” “They are the true investors in the human spirit.” “In giving they find themselves rich.” “The givers are unexplainably full.”

Fear of God – “When the fear of God is absent from our lives, we become slaves to lesser fears, and your fears define the boundaries of your life. When you fear God, you are subject only to Him.” “When we fear God, we find the freedom and courage to pursue dreams far too big for ourselves…God’s gift to us is Himself.”


6 Responses to “"Reading Rainbow" Book 6 – Week 6”

  1. 1 Tam

    Wow- the “courage” quote really got me! I too often hear and feel God speak something in and to me – then recount it over and over having not, or ever, done anything with the call. I am very guilty of this! Very convicted…

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    Me too. The “fear” then controls the outcome.

  3. 3 Deborah

    Thanks B, I printed off the quotes part, made copies and set them on the table in the break room, it’s the quietest it’s ever been in there today……..awesome! The humility one got me….attitude? What attitude…thanks!

  4. 4 Cheryl

    Some very challenging stuff!

  5. 5 Tam

    Deb you’re awesome!

  6. 6 Brent Hodge

    Ya, great idea Deb. Hopefully they will want to read the book and take everything a step farther.

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