Sex camp…WHAT?!?!


So most of you know (Thanks Tam), that my son and I went camping the last couple of days. We had a chance to stay up at our churches new camp facility at Howard Prairie Lake. What a beautiful setting. This picture is the view from the beach at the camp. This is a side story, but our church has signed a lease with the county to operate the facility as a church camp. It needs a ton of work, but it is fun to see what has already been done. It should be officially operational by next Summer.

The staff at church were giving me a hard time, because they new the intent of the this trip. The plan was to talk with my son about the “birds and the bees”. Pastor Ron affectionately entitled this trip “Sex Camp”. I am not sure I can go with that one πŸ™‚

Anyway, I wasn’t at all nervous about talking to my son about this, but I definitely wanted to be appropriate and had questions of how much info is enough. I am not going to go into details on this post, but I think it is safe to say that the info I did give was more than enough. He responded numerous times with, “that’s not right”, “ewwww” and my favorite…”this is awkward”. If you ask him, I am sure he would tell you the same, but I am thankful that he respected the talk and listened well.

Pastor Tim (Who was up at camp working while we were there, He is in charge of seeing the camp through), graced us with his presence at our evening smore-out. He was also kind enough to extend the talk my son and I were having. While we were sitting there, I asked my son to tell Tim what we had talked about. after he explained it the best he could, Tim made the statement, “so you understand the Bee-thing now”. My son looked confused, so Tim went on. “You know how a bee sticks his stinger in you to sting you and when the bee pulls away the stinger tears off and then the bee dies? Well that is what happens.” THANKS TIM! I think at that point my son officially freaked out. He still is asking me if Tim was serious.

I am not sure what to say???

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  1. 1 lazrus2

    Maybe you should bring the balance of the ‘birds’ part back in… from what I’ve observed they don’t die…they stay around to help feed and raise the kids they helped ‘make’ =)!


  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    I should plan a “bird watching” camping trip. Maybe that will help clear his mind and get him back on the right track. BUT, I kind of like Tim’s “tactic”, seeing as how Kota will be a teenager soon πŸ™‚

  3. 3 lazrus2

    Yeah, I was thinking that might have been Tim’s incentive seeing that he only has daughters. At least he didn’t bring up ‘spiders’ and the reason why black widows are called that. (Now that would really put the ‘fear of God’ in him, I’d think =).

  4. 4 Bran

    AH HA HA!!! I am cracking up!!! heehee

    I’m with you, Tim’s “tactic” was sneeeeaky. ;o) Tell Kota it’s not nice to “sting” AH HA HA!!!

    Oh that whole story completely cracks me up!!

  5. 5 Cheryl

    Ah! Tim has daughters…that makes his addition even funnier! I probably won’t be asking Dakota his take on “Sex Camp” now that he has been “enlightened”, though Brent! :o)

  6. 6 Tam

    “It’s not nice to sting!” I’m dying here! Trying to hold in the laughter next to my sleeping husband and I’m doing that “don’t laugh choking/coughing thing”! Aaaaaahh!!!!!

  7. 7 bran

    I can totally SEE you doing that choking/coughing thing!!AH HA HA!!! I am cracking up! Dylan just ran over to me (after my outburst) and said all quickly “what mommy?what?what?what mommy?” poor thing thought something was wrong!

  8. 8 Brent Hodge

    That is the new catch phrase for church, “It’s not nice to sting”. That is funny.

    Tam – I was so tired last night, there is now way I would have heard you.

    Cheryl – I dare you to ask him…

  9. 9 Cheryl

    NO WAY! I usually take on dares but there is no way I am asking him…but I would do it MAYBE if Tam were there just to see the expression on her face! πŸ˜€

  10. 10 Brent Hodge


  11. 11 amy

    Hill-air-ee-us! Laughing my brains out right now. Think I woke up the chickens.

  12. 12 alece

    this is so great!

    but i must say i think it’s so great that you did this with your son. too many parents today don’t bother, and they learn things from not-so-reliable (or honest) sources.

  13. Kota and I had a great time. I always encourage parents to talk like this. It is good for the kids and great for communication!

  14. 14 alece

    thanks for being an excellent role model.

  15. Thanks, Alece.

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