"Reading Rainbow" Book 5 – Week…6


So this week I’ve been reading through, “God’s Blogs” by Lanny Donoho. I started picking away at this earlier in the week, then last night I started reading and couldn’t put it down. Needless to say this is a quick read.

So, I think this is one of the most creative books I’ve ever read. the whole premise is that God is blogging and here are excerpts from that blog. God is pouring out who He is and what he intends for us, He is dispelling myths and wrong thinking and He speaks boldly and honestly to those that have done a disservice to him and his church. I do wish that hearing from God was this simple. Wouldn’t it be great if their was a daily update.

Anyway, this book was fun, there are little nuggets of truth and encouragement all over through book. I think the author may take some liberties with theology(just my opinion), but it is not really sacreligious. There are great thoughts from start to finish. Every chapter is kind of a glimpse into God’s thoughts on a specific subject. The chapter entitled Tsunami’s responds to the questions, where is God when there is tragedy. This chapter ends with the statement, “Some people are asking me, ‘Where are You when disaster hits?’ I’m asking you the same question.” Here are some qoutes from chapters I really enjoyed.

Anger – “Next time you feel yourself tighten up, and you know your face is red, and you’re ready to yell or lash out, and you know that your anger is just abbout to take over, think about what it is that you want that you can’t have (the thing that is making you angry). Then try to remember: The only way to really get what you want is to give up.”

In His Image – “If you’ve read my book, you know that you guys…all of you…we’re created in My image.” “Reflections happen best when you are standing near to that which you want to reflect (That which you were made to reflect).”

Bubbles – (I think I am going to write a whole new post on this one. It really speaks to the “Christian Culture” discussion that we’ve had lately.)

Death – “…and then someday when you sit in a doctor’s office and you hear what to so many is sobering news…you might even smile. Because you decided a long time ago to live like you were dying. And that included getting to know Me…and that means that you already know there is no such thing as death for you…

There is just moving from your house to mine. I’ll see you soon.”

Another thought on this book is that it is visually a lot of fun. think of a scratch pad a writer would use to scribble down thoughts, highlight mistakes and circle main points. This book is printed this way. i would definitely recommend this book. It’s light and easy to read and it is packed full of great little thoughts and sayings. you could use this almost as a little daily read. Just pick a chapter a day, it would take about a month to go through in that routine.


3 Responses to “"Reading Rainbow" Book 5 – Week…6”

  1. 1 mandy

    where’s the quotes from the music chapter?
    i’ll have to look up this book!

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    There is on specifically on Music and one on Bubbles that talks to Christian Culture/Music (this is the one I am going to blog further about). The music one is really cool. I tried to pick a couple that had quick “sound bites” the music chapter really needs to be read as a whole.

    Definitely check the book out. Very fun book. I felt like I was smiling the whole time. Just the premise of God blogging was really cool to me.

  3. 3 Bran

    hmmm it sounds interesting and fun. 🙂 I’ll have to put it on my list. 🙂

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