God’s Beauty Through A Child


Today at church, I was talking to one of our electric players and he reminded me of this young girl named Akaine (thanks Al). I remembered reading about her a long time ago. Al sent me the link to her website. This 12 year old girl had a life changing spiritual transformation when she was 4. This transformation lead her Atheistic parents to the Lord. At the age of 4 she began painting and writing poetry and is considered to be one of the 20 greatest artist/poets alive today. She is surrendered to the fact that God gave her a gift and this gift is to be used to display God and His love to others. She is 12!!! I love this. I am going to try and get a hold of one of the books she has co written about her life. Yes, one of the books she has co-written. This story and this girl are amazing! This picture is one of her famous paintings. It is called “Prince Of Peace”. She painted it when she was 8!


3 Responses to “God’s Beauty Through A Child”

  1. 1 Tam


  2. 2 Cheryl

    I remember this girl! But I wasn’t aware of her story….then again it was Oprah’s show that I saw her on so I doubt that the big O would have let her tell her whole story.

  3. 3 Brent Hodge

    She is amazing. When you get a chance, look through her gallery on her site. Click on a picture and it gives a little dialogue from her describing how the picture came to be and what it means. This girl has God’s wisdom oozing out of her. Amazing! I do see God and His glory when I see her and her gifts. That’s what she wanted.

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