Mixing It Up – Day 5


I’m exhausted!

This was a long day. I think mostly cause my body is getting tired. I seriously leave my chair at the console a total of about 30 minutes in the 14 hour day. We have 6-7 bands a day and there is 20-30 minutes time between a band ending and a band starting. It’s crazy.

We stayed late tonight to pack the main stage out. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were on the main stage tonight. I am really proud of my brother. They roped him into running Monitors for the concert. After the concert, the manager(who was also the keyboard player) said it was one of the best monitor shows they have had and got my bro’s phone # and gave my bro his business card. Very cool. Maybe some options down the road. My bro has worked hard and he is good and it is getting noticed…nice!

So, it is 1:15. My first band was this morning at 10AM. My first band tomorrow is at 10AM. I just walked in the door, had a glazed donut and now I am going to take a quick shower and go to bed.

I’ll fill you guys in with more details and pics tomorrow!


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