Mixing It Up – Day 4


I can’t believe day 4 is gone. Only 2 more days. It has flown by. We had a pretty quiet day today. No big events on the main stage. They had “Fair-A-Palooza”. Kind of a big gig for local bands. My brother mixed FOH for them and had a great time on the main system. For any techies out there, the main system is…

18-L-Acoustics DvDosc Cabs
10-L-Acoustics SB28 Dual Subs
Monitors are L-Acoustics 12XT’s
Lab Grubben power amps
FOH Console-Yamaha PM5d
Mixing Console-Soundcraft Series Five

Cool stuff!

Tomorrow night is Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. that should be a kick.

Mixing today for me was, a bluegrass quintet, Brass Band, 2-Blues bands and 2-Country Bands. Nothing fancy, but some solid groups. I had a lot of fun with one of the blues bands, “Masters of the Obvious”. Funny guys, lots of jokes from stage and they had a great lead player, so that was fun. It was very sweet, Taylor Rose was back today. She was playing the small stage today and she and her family came over to say hi. Nice family.

Food was OK today, although the Mac-n-Cheese was good. And I had an awesome chocolate chunk cookie! No big bands, so they slacked off a little.

Alright, tomorrow I get to “herd cats” again. I cannot believe the “Old Time Fiddlers” are back for a 3rd time. I guess they’ve kind of grown on me. Tomorrow should be fun. I’ve got 2 loud rock bands! I like!


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