Mixing It Up – Day 3


Well, I said I would try and have some pictures tonight, but I think I will wait till the end of the week and upload them to my Flickr account and then you can go at them.

Today was cool…good food again. Burgers for lunch…nice. It has been beautiful weather. It did rain the first day, but has been great since. Normally fair week is in the 100’s, but it has been in the 80’s. that makes me happy, cause I tend to sweat.

Today I started out by “Herding Cats” again. I started with the Old Time Fiddlers. Don Mattox was back so that was cool. Then a little break in the action. We had Brad’s Reptile World, showing off snakes and lizards and gators…oh my. I am serious about the gator. They had a baby alligator that everybody got to pet and play with. Thankfully no one lost and eye. After the reptiles, we had a Southern Rock Band, a 12 year old named Taylor Rose and 2 Country bands(country, country, country). When I am done with the fair I will have a day of nothing but Metallica and Disturbed to clear my mind!

I have to take a second and talk about Taylor Rose. This girl was a doll. She and her family(Dad, Mom and Little Sister) were all in the band. Dad played acoustic and harmonica, mom played Bass, Little Sis played Mandolin and Taylor Played Acoustic, Fiddle and sang. She can sing! She’d really good. She has a great country voice and she loves what she does. The family has been to Nashville twice and have met with some managers and she is on her way. She was so sweet. She came up to me while one of the country bands was playing(they stayed to hear the next band) and tried to hand me money for running sound. She said that she was very grateful and that I did a good job and she wanted me to have this. I was honored. I politely told her that I was already being payed and I couldn’t take her money, but I would love a CD. Her eyes lit up seeing I was interested in her music…and I was. She came a little while later and handed me a CD and a signed promo picture. How cute is that. I hope she does well and I hope she never loses how much she loves what she does. Here is the promo pic…

Finally, I end this post with a question. Ladies help me with this. Why are women interested in getting half drunk and then making fools of themselves in front of a live band and audience. Guys have a ton of us stuff we do that would definitely be labeled as stupid, but this is something we don’t do. Anyway, I’d love to get your thoughts. If you want the story on this one, you’ll have to wait. Too much to write right now. I’ll just say that I did have to eventually call security and have the stage cleared. Yes…the stage cleared.

Last thought…this talk reminds me of a funny shirt I saw someone wearing today. It said, “All of us have the right to be idiots, you are just abusing the privilege.”

3 Responses to “Mixing It Up – Day 3”

  1. 1 Tam

    We’re not interested in making fools of ourselves…we’re half drunk, duh!!! We have no clue how stupid we look! I mean THEY have no clue! And let me be the first to say – “Oh no you didn’t” just single out women dude!!!

    Love you babe!amazinluv

  2. 2 Tam

    I’ve been to the fair before – and I’ve never seen chaos ensue a stage… did they add a pole this year? what?!?! sorry…

  3. 3 Brent Hodge

    I promise I am not singling out Women. I did say that men have their stupid stuff as well.

    The funny thing is that at the end of the concert, the band thanked me for getting security and clearing the stage. They then went on to say that they didn’t want to be the bad guys, cause their the “cool” guys. After a laugh, the lead guitar player remarked that they were the first band that this had ever happened to at the fair. The band cheered in grunts and then they left.

    I guess that kind of answers my own question…

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