Book Update – Week 4


Well, I do not believe I will be able to finish my book this week. With my schedule right now, I have zero time to read. I am leaving the house by 10AM and not returning till 12AM. I do not have more than 5 minutes break at the fair right now and when I get home, I am spending 30 minutes catching up with you and the family and then crashing…getting up around 9 and doing it again. It is a crazy schedule that I am doing OK with, but I will not have a chance to read. I will pick the book up again on Sunday PM and I should finish it by Tuesday PM, so I may try and get 2 in next week. I have failed a the 10 in 10, but I still think I can get a total of 10 in by the end of 10 weeks. thanks for hanging with me!

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