Mixing It Up Day 2


So today was fun! To start out, the food rocked today. For lunch I had Chicken Marsala, Salad and Fruit. For dinner I had, Beef Stroganoff, Baked Potato, Salad and for dessert…Tiramisu. Awesome. The main act tonight was Phil Vasser with opening act Josh Gracin(the American Idol dude). The crew had a great day with these artists and their staff. A lot different than last night’s chaos with the Lynard Skynard crew.

There was a strange event today though. Behind the main stage area is a small pond. My boss(this week), brings his houseboat during the fair and just sleeps on it, because of his need to be around 24 hrs a day. He was sitting on the boat and heard someone screaming that a lady was drowning. Sure enough a lady was in the water behind his boat. He headed out to her, just in time to grab her as she was going under and pulled her to shore. The lady was blue and not breathing. The EMT’s showed up and eventually she was doing well. Turns out she was high on Meth and she and her boyfriend were trying to cross to the other side of the pond and it was too cold and she almost drowned. Talking to my boss was interesting. He is still pretty shaken up, but really felt(because of a bunch of things leading up to the event) that God had placed him there today just to save that ladies life. Pretty cool.

So, I mixed a solo acoustic act today. He was actually one of our weathermen a couple years back. Nice guy, strong personality, I’ll leave it at that. After that, we had a group of about 25 senior citizens called “The Old Time Fiddlers”. I was warned that mixing this group would be the equivalent of “herding cats”. Great analogy…dead on! There were a couple in the group that were very talented, but, only a couple. I get to open with them again tomorrow. The next band was called “The Screaming Gulch”. These guys were a scream. They are a rockabilly band with an emphasis on crazy. Very funny guys and great musicians. Kind of a treat was that Dave Maddox of the original Maddox Brothers sat in for a couple of songs. This guys is a legend. Johnny Cash once opened for the Maddox Brothers. Check them out.We had a great country band today. Nice mix of modern and traditional country. The vocalists were great and the band was tight. Next to last were the “Rhythm Kings”. These guys are amazing. They are a blues band. they are tight, loud, and Dave, the lead singer has got a great deep rich blues voice. Very fun. I have to say now that as the day went on, the PA got a little louder as each band got up and as each band got better. At the end of the blues set, I thought I couldn’t go louder, but the last band was amazing! It was a solo act with a great band. Her name is Debra Arlyn. I would say she is a cross between Maroon 5 and Alysha Keys. If you haven’t heard of Debra, I really believe you will. She has an amazing voice, she’s a great keyboard player and I can’t say enough about her band. I would expect to hear her on the radio at anytime. I hope they make, it, cause there is a niche for them. They sounded great!

So tomorrow brings some new bands and new adventures. I will try and get more pics up tomorrow. We’ve got a bunch.


4 Responses to “Mixing It Up Day 2”

  1. 1 amy

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard about such good gig food.

    Jeff has a thing about taking food pics. We have acquired quite a few over the past few years.

    I already told Tam, but I’ve been able to see Kass a few times this week as we’ve been doing a stint as camp pastor. She is beautiful! and seems to be doing well.

  2. 2 buzz

    wow,,all that great music and great food too!!! i didnt realize that many bands played in a day? i remember seeing lynerd skynerd back in ’76 and ’77 (another life) before the plane crash, probably almost a totally different group now? sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

  3. 3 Anonymous

    I checked out Debra Arlyn, WOW! I am definitely going to get some of her music. Reminds me a little of Diana Krall. They both have incredible voices and style. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. 4 Brent Hodge

    Amy – the food got better today even. Great burgers for lunch, Roasted Chicken and awesome Cinnamon Sugar baked Beans and Cheesecake!!! I think Jeff and I may have some fetish for food 🙂 Glad you saw Kass. I am soooo happy she’s home. I really missed her!

    Buzz – that’s cool you saw the original group. they definitely have changed. Honestly, some of the bands I’m mixing on the B stage cover their tunes better then they play them now. I guess we all fizzle out eventually.

    Greg – Glad you checked her out. Great band and really nice and humble. they are still in the stages of trying to make it, so all encouragement is flattery to them.

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