Mixing It Up Day 1


I believe that most people who write blogs are always looking for a story. After a day at the Jackson County Fair, I have 100’s. That place is crazy. Constant activity, people of all types, teenagers trying to hook up with other teenagers(this is really funny to watch!) and cows. Lots of cows and pigs and goats(oh my…).

I had a blast today. The “job” was pretty easy today I will be mixing 7 different acts a day. Today I only had a bluegrass duo, a blues duo, 2 guys with acoustics, a clown, a dance troupe and a country band. I was bummed there was only 1 band, but tomorrow I have 7 bands, starting with a bluegrass/fiddle group consisting of 12 “seniors”. that should be fun. The closing band tonight went 20 minutes past there time, but the crowd from the Lynard Skynard concert had just let out and they were beer’d up and rowdy, so the band kept playing. It was pretty fun. Lots of Hank Williams and a little Garth to close it up. I’m not much of a country music guy, but after seeing it live, I think I get it a little bit.

Some bummers though. the fair board has been making really poor decisions…in my opinion…over shows coming in, marketing and there is just a general “biting the hand the feeds you” thing going on. My brother was policing the FOH engineer for the Lynard Skynard concert and there was almost a brawl over volume regulations(the Lynard Skynard crew was not too nice!!!). After doing his job, my bro found out that the Fair Board had asked them to do one thing and had told the Lynard Skynard crew another. They fed my brother to the lions…NOT COOL! I do believe there will be some things going down between the sound company and the fair. It’s too bad. Garon Lee Sound(who I am working for this week) is run by a great crew of guys with complete integrity. If you ever need anything for live sound and rental…call Garon Lee Sound in Jacksonville Oregon!

Alright, back to the good. Here are some pics…

Here is my ride for the week…

Notice what it says…CEO and VIP Shuttle…Pimpin’

Dinner…Salmon…Green Room…Skynard knows how to eat, or at least they know what to ask for.

This is my offcie for the week!


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  1. 1 mandy

    fun stories! my mom grew up in Jax, Florida & she was buddies with the Skynard guys b4 they were big… said they’d just pull out their gtrs & amps @ the local hole-in-the-wall & play all night….. said they named the band after the highschool football coach that they didn’t like!
    ha ha!
    so… wordpress: everything i’ve got is free. you can upgrade by paying, but i’m a poor seminary girl & i ain’t payin for it! its a nice setup… i checked into a few of the other big-name blog hosts b4 signing up, and the reviews told me that WordPress was at the top of the class.
    see you in wordpress land!

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