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I had to take a sec and say thank you to all who come here and put up with my bantering. Today this blog reached 2 small milestones. This is post 101 and this site has now had 1,000 visitors. That’s kind of cool.

When I started this blog, it was not my intention to gain a lot of attention, and trust me…I am a long way from a lot of attention (Check out Los…he’s at 230,000 visitors!). But I am very grateful for the attention I have gotten from all of you. It has been fun to watch over the last month how more and more of you are getting involved, commenting, subscribing and keeping me going. I started this blog with the intention of challenging myself to be disciplined to something. I say that it has been a success. BUT, it has been a success, because you guys have kept me going.

Thanks to everyone hanging out!!!

All this talk makes me think of this video post here…check it out. (Click on Volunteer Appreciation Night and watch the “Because Of You” Video – Nevin…this is for you baby!)


10 Responses to “Blog Milestone”

  1. 1 Tam

    Ahhhh – that’s precious dear… Although 552 visits were from me alone – your welcome… Oh, and yes, this has made you much more disciplined. I love how you come home right from work with your computer and set it up and blog each night (very disciplined =) HA! oh and I want to personally thank you for always linking to my (your wifes) blog, ya know, helping a sista out – wait, you don’t – HA again! Well congrats! I’m proud of you…really!!! I love you mucho B! You may not delete this comment =o

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    I do link to you…I do…I do.

    Your in my blogroll.

    Be careful, cause I don’t care what that verse on your blog says!


  3. 3 Deb

    Whew….my clicker finger was getting tired after 448 visits Tam, so glad you picked up the rest….kidding, actually this has kept me diciplined also, I can’t wait to check in and see what you two are going to write about….love you guys! D

  4. 4 Tam

    Deb – would you kindly counsel my hubby. I mean, my hubby and me – oops! Glad we’re entertaining…her to serve!

  5. 5 Tam

    oh, and how white girl is that? “helping a sista out” how about “helpin’ a sista owt!” what?!

  6. 6 Nevvy

    That is roll on the floor funny. The best thing about the 80’s is making fun of the 80’s….How do you suppose these guys found a Quest song. I haven’t heard from Russ B, in a while, now I know what he has been doing. Thanks for the props.. What does that mean anyways??? Happy 1000 – I hope you make it to 10,000 soon.


  7. 7 lazrus2

    I liked the ‘Staff Thank You’ video better–more real, sort of like a family should be?, but not nearly as funny of course.

  8. 8 Greg

    Congrats on your milestones, better than gallstones or kidney stones! Perhaps if you started getting inked you’d catch up with Los. You could let us all pick the design and location. Hey, this could be fun.

    Seriously though, i have been reading “the blogging church” and it is convincing me i should be blogging. (I’d be further in the book if I weren’t playing so much poker.) I look forward to talking to you and Ron about it when i get back into town.

    Bend is great as always. I could live here. Congrats again on your milestones. I think yours and Tammy’s will continue to grow quickly, they are good reads.

  9. 9 Tam

    Poker??? Greg, you wild guy!!! Yes, I think B should get a tattoo too! Or just a too-too… So what should he get?

  10. 10 Brent Hodge

    Thanks Greg. It will be fun to go through the book when we all get settled back at work.

    I would love a tattoo. I promised my Dad that as long as he is alive, I won’t have one. Just a father’s request. I have made some specific rules in my life regarding tu tu’s as, sorry hun!

    Lazrus2 Glad you enjoyed both videos. They both definitely have their place. Obviously one may affect me a little more 🙂

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