They Hate The Church


I am always very intrigued by what non-Christian/religious people think of our little Christian world. In talking to some, there is often a sense of interest, but more in the story of Jesus than in what our church is about. God is definitely teaching me how to relate to those who don’t like the church. How do I listen when I so desperately want to just shake them. I’m learning.

I wanted to post a link to an interesting article. I was reading this blog and saw a link to an article and I read and read. It is an article written for the “The Stranger” and online newspaper in Seattle. that should clue you in that this discussion by non-Christian people is going to be pretty non-Christian. The writers attended 31 different churches in one month and then wrote their reviews. As I read through them, most were written from the sense that the writer was never going to be interested in the church in the first place. May not be a very unbiased…but interesting none the less.

If you choose to read through this article, please be warned that it is pretty harsh and there is some abusive language. Which means that you should probably read through this article. This is the mission field we live in right now. Remember, we don’t evangelize…God does, but we need to be his vessel and light.

Check out the article here


7 Responses to “They Hate The Church”

  1. 1 In a Foreign Land

    I was going to blog on that very same article…I’ve not finished reading it yet though.

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    Please do…I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  3. 3 In a Foreign Land

    Will do!

  4. 4 In a Foreign Land

    BTW, the blog is by some dear friends of mine…they were students at Simpson when I worked there. It has been amazing to watch them be led by the Lord. They are moving back to the US from Spain.

  5. 5 Cheryl

    I made a couple of comments on my blog…

  6. 6 Cheryl

    Just a thought, but do you publish a list of the worship songs you play on a Sunday. Only reason I ask is b/c sometimes I want to know the name of a song so I could put it on my iPod but I can never remember the name of it or who it is by.

  7. 7 Brent Hodge

    I have had people ask me about this. There are blogs that either post the lists or even post a video blog called “Worship Confessional”.

    I think I will definitely start posting the lists. So many people ask. i wonder about doing this “Worship Confessional”, it seems interesting.

    Go check this out. Go check this out. tell me what you think. if I should do something like this.t

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