Click Comments


You may have noticed that the click comments are taken down. I had a good time trying them out, but I realize that they probably aren’t helping accomplish my goals. My main goal on this blog is to get others involved in the conversation process. With click comments, this may have kept some from actually commenting on the topic at hand. Instead it only gave favorable options.

So, jump in…get involved. When you read a post and you have a question, comment and ask. When your read a post and you disagree…or agree, comment and let’s hear your voice. I want to converse with people, not just talk at you.

There was a great post over here today. It speaks to this. Take time to read the post and the comments. It lets you see how we bloggers feel about people responding to what we say. By the way…I won’t say who was the “Quoted” blogger on Anne’s post 😉

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