Pics of the Family


My daughter made it clear to me today that we need some “nicer” pictures on the blog. So tomorrow we will be taking some time to go through some “nicer” pictures of the kids for you. I will post them up here to prove that my kids can look “nicer”.

By the way, I love to hear my daughter sing and play her guitar. She is in her room right now playing and singing the song “Captivate Us” by Watermark. Amazing song…amazing daughter. God has really gifted her. It will be fun to see how she lets God use her gifting. If you didn’t know, she leads worship for our Junior high group at TRF. My son has been drumming with the KIDS church team as well. I love to see them doing what they love, to serve God.

Ok…so I am proud of my kids! “nicer” pics will be up tomorrow.

HAPPY 4th!

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