Mad Church Disease


One of the blogs I subscribe to is Anne Jackson is a writer. I have appreciated her blog and have enjoyed reading through her thoughts. Anne is writing a new book that I wanted to get the info out on. This book will deal directly with burnout in ministry. I had a chance to email her and explained that I have been fortunate to work in a church environment where the staff are very aware of the dangers of burnout and how much of our lives can be spent doing “ministry” work.

Anyway, go check out the Mad Church Disease Website and look into it. Help support Anne and ministry workers as we work together doing God’s work. You can take time at the site to read up on all the info as well as take a survey. The survey is for Pastors…families of people in ministry as well as volunteers. I know a lot of you fall under one of those categories.

I have also posted a banner in the sidebar of my page. So if you come back some day looking for a link, It’s right there under my ugly mug.

2 Responses to “Mad Church Disease”

  1. 1 In a Foreign Land

    This book should be interesting!

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    I think so. If you take time to check out you will see how passionette the writer is about this. How personal it is for her.

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