Crazy Day


So today we started the first annual Soccer Bible Camp. Sponsored by TRF and FCA. It was a blast, but also exhausting. We have around 70 kids and we kept them going for 3 1/2 hours. It was fun getting to know some of the kids that I don’t see normally. We spent time going through soccer basics and drills. We had snacks and we had some teaching time with our Kids Pastor and our Creative Director. That was cool. I love to see the passion that kids at this age (6-13) have. It is amazing how joyful kids can be and when we grow up as adults how lost all of our innocence is. Not trying to get us down, just thinking.

Anyway, that burned half my day and then I had to get to the office to pick away at things for this weekend. Including editing for the final episode of Urban Legends. I know a lot of you are anxious for that. It should be fun and maybe a little shocking. you’ll have to come to a service this weekend and check it out.

I am going to take some time this evening to lay low and read more of the book I am digging into. Matthew Paul Turner’s book “The Coffeehouse Gospel” has been great so far. I am almost half way through. I wanted to be farther considering my schedule, but I’ll do some catch up tonight. Plan on me blogging about the book this Friday. that will be D-Day for “Adventures in Literature”. Of course I have gotten some interesting ideas for another name, so that name may change soon.

Alright, off to my evening schedule and some rest, before going at it again tomorrow AM with the Soccer camp.


4 Responses to “Crazy Day”

  1. 1 bran

    I am signing Dylan up for soccer this summer…CP has the thing for 3&4yo’s that I am going to get him into. It’s after the baby too so that will keep him distracted! Too bad he isn’t old enough for the church one! 🙂

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    Is this through the city or Table rock Soccer? RVSC has kinder soccer, that is a lot of fun, but I am not sure about anything younger than that.

  3. 3 bran

    It’s through Central Point…you know they send out that summer events thing in the spring…it was in there. There are two groups…one is going now and I didn’t do it soon enough so I will sign him up for the second cycle which starts after the baby sometime…I don’t remember when. LOL

  4. 4 Brent Hodge

    That sound like fun. I’m anxious to see how he likes it

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