What’s the Name


You guys have got to help come up with a name for the “reading adventure” I am on. One of our Pastors came into the office today and said, “How’s it going? I’m keeping you accountable. Don’t mess up.” Of course some of the may be paraphrased. After he left, I started thinking. if you guys are going to hold me accountable, you’ve got to at least come up with a name. No this isn’t an ultimatum, but…help a guy out.

What’s a great name???


9 Responses to “What’s the Name”

  1. 1 Nevvy

    Books, Brent, and Bucks (as in Star)

    I will keep working. This is a 1st draft.

  2. 2 Like TOTALLY an 11 year old little girl!

    Literary Antics??
    Reading Rainbow?? AH HA HA KIDDING.
    Ten Tales of Hodge Podge? (take or leave the podge, but it made me giggle)
    Ten For Ten?
    The Tale of Ten Books?
    Okay now it’s just getting stupid. AH HA HA!!

    Oh wait, I like this one “Boy meets Books” or “Brent meets Books” heehee

    Okay out loud and in print in front of me…nevermind. ;o)

  3. 3 Did I say 11, I meant 25...

    BTW, I think you should see what kind of “following” you get…. like who else is maybe going to read them along with you???

  4. 4 Brent Hodge

    Books, Brent and Bucks…that’s nice. The coffee portion adds a nice ring.

    Bran…your just wired. Although, the Reading Rainbow is cracking me up.

    So, are you gonna read along with me???

  5. 5 Deb

    Hmmmmm…..B’s brain bulge? Uh, X by X ? Cranium Crunch? Summer Senility….Hmmmmm I’ll keep working on it…inspiring tho! 🙂

  6. 6 Brent Hodge

    Cranium Crunch is pretty good

  7. 7 it's YOU'RE just wierd! geesh!

    BRAIN BULGE! AH HA HA! That one cracks me up! Use that one! heehee

    hmmm…I was *thinking* about reading along with you. I’m more of a christian fiction girl…. but I was looking at your titles and I like the first one you have picked. Kind of goes along with stuff I’ve been thinking about lately…. which reminds me I need to do MY blog! AH HA! When are you starting? Or have you?

    Brents Book Club. heehee that is LAAAAAAME.

  8. 8 Brent Hodge

    I started this last Sunday. I will be done with the first one by Friday. Sunday through Friday will be my schedule. The first book is good. I’ve really enjoyed it.

  9. 9 bran

    Hmm… well then I guess I missed out on the first one, although I still might read it. It sounds good. 🙂

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