Fun with iPhoto


I’ve seen this a couple of times on other blogs. Thought I’d pass along my inspirational iPhoto’s…


5 Responses to “Fun with iPhoto”

  1. 1 Simon & Marcus' Mom

    I’m so glad I wasn’t sipping a drink when I decided to look at your blog! The scary thing is that one of those pictures remind me of an actual person.

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    It probably wouldn’t be very nice, but it sure would be funny to compare that “actual” persons picture side by side with mine 🙂

  3. 3 Simone & Marcus' mom

    Probably not a good idea since I went to bible college with him…tee hee

  4. 4 bran

    Okay the first one unfortunately looks like it could be a real person! LOL
    Oh man! This was enough to scare me into labor! LOL

  5. 5 bran

    heehee I keep looking at these laughing and I realized it reminded me of the scenes in the movie “The Rundown” when they eat that wierd fruit… AH HA HA!!! These are funny. 🙂

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