America Does Not Have Talent…Well, At Least They Can’t Sing Or Dance


So, I am sitting here watching “America’s Got Talent”. Of course I think the irony is that most of America wants to believe they have some sort of entertainment talent. Clearly most of us don’t! It is entertaining still.

It reminds me of one of the characters in Mosaic’s “Scribble”. The Mosaic team performed this for us on the last day of the Arts Conference. It was incredible. If you ever have a chance to see it…DO! Anyway, this one character in the performance was determined to be a star. He would see all of the talented dancers and performers and that was what he wanted to do. In the end he learned that we all have talents, but sometimes they are not talents that are visible or even what we want. The fact was, this character was the stage manager for the performance. Without him, the whole thing would never have taken place. He was extremely valuable and talented, he just wasn’t up front for all to see.

Why do we like to be “up front”? We are so in need of approval. We want to be stars. We want people to love us. Erwin McManus spoke after the performance and he made a statement that basically said that we are so desensitized, we don’t realize the beauty that God has placed inside each of us. I think we are always looking for glory, but God shares His glory with no one. Stardom only lasts for a day. God’s Glory and beauty will last forever. He has placed that beauty inside of each of us. We have got to let His approval of us be enough. Then, God’s Glory will shine through us as we display the beauty He has placed inside each of us.

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  1. 1 Brent Hodge

    Honestly, I think at first it will be very hard,, but it will end up being very freeing and rewarding. When we get everything from Him, we are refreshed!

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