Last Session


This is ending way too soon. Tom, Ron and I were blessed to be able to go to Dallas last year for an amazing leaders conference and it changed me in amazing ways. That does not begin to describe what God is doing here in me right now. Tammy just asked what was the thing I got out of it. My answer is that it is time to start from scratch again. God is in the job of building and changing. This time here has been a time of self evaluation that has led me to believe that there is so much stuff in my life that is hindering who God has created and called me to be. It is time to knock down the old and let God build the new. I don’t know what that means or how this looks, but it is not my job to decide that.

We ended today with a presentation of “Scribble”. It was a Drama/Dance performed by the Arts team at Mosaic in Southern Cal. Erwin McManus then took the time to challenge us with the reality of what we had just experienced. I saw Ermin at the leaders conference last year, but this time it felt like he was home and with peers and there was some incredible wisdom. Here are some of things I am taking with me…

“Our live are intended to be extraordinary, but are lived in the ordinary and mundane”

“Solomon was wrong – ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’…See Isaiah 43:18-19

“When we live with our own sight,, everything eventually becomes standardized. When we live through God’s eyes, everything is new and alive.”

“We keep waiting for someone else to create the environment by which we engage the world.”

WRONG QUESTION – What kind of church do we need to be?
RIGHT QUESTION – What kind of future does our church want to create?


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