Day 3 – Arts Conference


This is the 3rd day of the conference and we had our 4th main session today. It was an incredible time of reflecting on our ministry work and the difficulty to be honest in it. We often approach ministry with justification and we make it religious and legalistic. in doing this, the danger can be as we face pain and struggle it is a contradiction to what we think our lives are supposed to be. we were reminded to “Praise Him in the Storm”.

Music: Willow Creek Worship Team. Very Powerful worship today!

Speaker – Donald Miler
Donald is the author of “Blue Like Jazz”. Pastor Tom has mentioned this a book couple times at TRF. What a gifted prophet of the Gospel of Jesus. I don’t say that often, but I am convinced of God’s hand on Him. He willingly and passionately extended that gift to us through His words of wisdom. Here are some things I am taking home with me…

“To be human is special, profound a miracle!”

“We don’t like mystery. we want to come to conclusions logically. God is a mystery.”

“Justification of a decision is the not the same we came to the decision”

“Truth and meaning go together”

God’s reality is bigger than any word can describe. To say we can describe God with words is arrogant and assumes that truth can actually be encompassed within our heads.”

“Are we trying to get heaven into our head or our head into heaven?”

“Our relationship with God has to stay relational or it becomes rational. we have to realize that there is no rationalizing God’s truth. He is truth…period!”


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