Day2 – Arts Conference


Well, today felt like it started way too early. The time difference here is 2 hours later, so mornings feel really early! Did I say that twice? It is early!

Anyway, we had breakout session today. These are sessions where we take more focused time with smaller groups of maybe 15- a couple hundred people. I took the tech route and Tammy took the spiritual route. Do we see a routine here? I love me some tech…

The 3 sessions I was a part of today dealt with Blogging, Stage Lighting and Tech Team Building. As expected, they were packed full of great info, passion and lots of fun ideas.

I really enjoyed my session with Kem Meyer on blogging. She was very kind to TRF regarding our website and I have always enjoyed her blog, so it was fun to meet her and thank her for her encouragement and example.

The 2 other session were lead by experts in their fields and were very informative. It was fun to see the new toys in lighting. Watch out TRF Staff, I think next year my budget will be bigger.

Kem if you are reading this, that last paragraph is in no way saying that you are not an expert in your field…please no “flaming” or should I be using Trolling here?

I do have to add this. The food and snacks at the convention center where the tech sessions were held…ROCKED! It was great to walk out of my last session to giant chocolate chip cookies and smoothies. Here is a pic with the camera phone…


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