Guest Blogger:Tammy Hodge


I have many fears in life…. I fear that while dining with my husband in a
public restaurant he may leave to use the restroom and leave me stranded,
eating alone, oh my – how awkward! I fear ants – I know! I fear sending my
son to camp knowing he packed his suitcase without my help or guidance. I
also have a fear of flying. No, actually, I have a fear of crashing…. My
husband and I flew into Chicago last night for The Willow Creeks Arts
Conference. The flight was fairly uneventful. The Lord and I did manage to
get our plane through a terrible storm – ok, so I was praying real hard when
the Pilot came on and demanded his flight attendants sit and buckle up for
safety! Do they have to announce that over the loud speaker? Come on!!! I
asked God, like one would ask a parent of disorderly children, to get His
clouds under control. The landing was successful, obviously, the baggage
retrieval system was incredible and the speed at which the Rental Car
shuttle Bus arrived was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before! Our courtesy driver, who remained nameless through our journey, quickly observed two, helpless out of towners and picked us up within seconds to shuttle us to our rental agency. I now have a new fear to add to my pathetically growing list – I fear a nameless, relentless, lead footed, possibly blind in the left eye, clearly nothing more to live for crazy Shuttle Bus Driver! Brent and I were the first victims to board our demise. As he spotted other helpless folk I was working so hard from my seat to will to them through the window not to board – “Save yourselves!!!” As we drove through the airport I quickly realized stop signs are clearly for decorative purposes. Oh – and marked lanes? Who cares! Did you know the shoulder of the road is actually the passing lane? He was passing invisible cars for 4 miles! When we got into to town he calmed down a bit – but not before nearly clipping a Retirement Shuttle Van who apparently was in the wrong place, an actual lane! All this and more, but he did get us safely to our destination. Safely physically – emotionally, I am spent and in need of major counseling!

4 Responses to “Guest Blogger:Tammy Hodge”

  1. 1 b.

    Oh my word I am cracking up! LOL ah ha ha!!!
    As you know I sympathize with your fear of flying..err, uh..crashing. ;o)

  2. 2 BradnAlisha

    (Sorry, I had to delete my first comment because I couldn’t tolerate a spelling error I noticed! 🙂 ) …You know Tammy, I used to be extremely afraid to fly, but the two marathon plane trips to Africa cured that. Sooo, I guess you and Brent should be planning a trip to visit us in Uganda to attack your fears head on! 🙂 Have fun in Chicago guys! Brad

  3. 3 Brent Hodge

    HA! Brad – Uganda? hmmm – we’ll have to see about that one – There’s no driving route huh?

  4. 4 Simone & Marcus' Mom

    Hmm, I think I know your driver or met his twin in Ukraine..LOL

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