I’m in Portland….and it’s raining!


I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. Portland can get dreery, but I was hoping for better weather.

I have had the opporunity to come up here for the weekend to do some research for TRF. I met with some of the staff at Living hope Church in Vancouver. What a great group of people. They reminded me a lot of Table rock and the staff we have. Lots of similar ideas, passions and the same sense of team! It was great hanging with them yesterday. Tammy and I will be going to church there tonight and enjoying worship with them. Living Hope is Video Venue/Multi-Site church, so we will also be attending church tomorrow with them at one of their satellite campuses. I do have to tell you about trying to find the church though. We left early Friday AM (from our friends house, where we are staying). I had directions to the area of the church and figured I’d call for the last couple of street names. As we head into Vancouver, WA, I call the church and ask them what exit would be best to get off at. I talked to a sweet lady named Marge. She was so nice. The problem was that she believed I was on I205 and I was on I5. She proceeded to tell me to go to Exit 30b. I confirmed that with her, because that was 30 miles farther than where I was and I was certain they were closer to the Washington/Oregon border. After she confirmed that with me, I hung up and headed on my way. After about 20 miles, I got the sick feeling that this was not the correct direction. I called back and talked to another lady and she confirmed with me to take exit 30b Off I5. So we kept heading north. When we came to exit 30, we noticed there was no 30a. We figured, maybe exit 30b was next. When we arrived at exit 32 and had not seen an exit 30b, my stomach sunk again. I called back and got Marge on the phone. I told her I can’t find 30b, I am at 32. She said perfect, take that exit. That exit is called “something parkway”. I said back…no this exit is “something River Rd”. There was a moment of silence and then from Marge’s end came a…”OH NO! You are on I5!”. Yes, I was sent 30 miles farther north than I needed to travel. We got back on the freeway and came 30 miles back and at that point had no problem finding the church. Marge felt terrible, but I have to say she redeemed herself. As we arrived at the church, we met her and when we asked where the bathroom was, she gave us perfect directions to the bathroom. If you ever visit Living hope Church, make sure to give Marge a big hug for us, she is a sweetie.

Of course, we had to find a decent little coffee shop WITH WIFI today…to catch up on email and such. The friend we are staying with recommended this place…

It is called Bella Espresso. Very cool little place with a great kind of Gothic feel. Pretty good coffee too.

Anyway, I think we’ll go take a nap before we go to church. we miss you guys at TRF tonight. It is always a little wierd not being at “home” for church.


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