I can’t wait till you all see the video for this weekend. It has been a blast working on it. David Choate and Brent Friesen are hilarious, but I think the stand out comic is Bobby Baugh. It’s gonna be fun!

We are going to focus on “Absolute Truth” this weekend. So much of society does not believe in absolute truth. We have to understand #1 that absolute truth is for real and #2 that the only source for absolute truth is God’s Word.

Invite a friend or a family member. I bet when I said that, you were thinking of someone. Go for it. Ask them along.

Then, on Monday we will begin blogging about our series at Spiritual Myths. You’ll be able to watch the videos, get a recap of the sermon and keep in touch for the upcoming weeks. Make sure to subscribe to the feed and you won’t miss out on anything!

See ya this weekend!


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