Urban Legends…Spiritual Myths


So we are finishing up a sermon series this weekend here at TRF, called “Overcome”. It has been really cool going through the book of Acts and being challenged as a church to go deeper as a community and as individuals.

I am really excited for a new series we start next week called “Urban Legends”. We were inspired by a series of sermons Lifechurch did. We wanted to take the chance to discuss spiritual myths and many common beliefs the world has that go against the truth of God’s word. We will discuss things like, “Does God want us happy?” and “Truth is Relative”. It should be really fun to tackle these discussions with the Fellowship.

Today, a group of us Pastors spent the day up above Applegate Lake shooting a series of videos for this upcoming series. We had a blast. I think you guys are really going to enjoy the work we have put into it. I can’t tell you what it’s about, but Southern Oregon and Urban Legends kind of gives it away.

Anyway, be watching for updates on the series. We will be starting a blog that will have preview of weeks to come as well as reviews of the previous weeks. All the videos used in the TRF services will be posted their as well. So when you go to work on Monday AM and want to show everyone the stuff you saw and heard Sunday, you will be able to take them to the blog.

Be praying that God will use this coming weekend in a powerful way as Pastor Ron finishes up our study of the book of Acts. There are definitely softening hearts and lives being changed. It is fun to see Him at work in all of us.


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