I guess we need to Praise louder!


If you read this post…you sensed my awe and wonder in God’s creation. I spoke to the fact that maybe we aren’t getting our job as humans done, in praising our God.

Well, I was reading through some info on a church in Scotland called the Rosslyn Chapel. For the last 27 years a group of researchers have been trying to unlock code “engraved” into the walls and columns of the church. In their research, they found that the emblems carved into the walls were in fact “musical notes”. The researchers then went on to place the designs through a test using an ancient musical system called Cymatics. Cymatics is essentially, “seeing sound”. Through the use of a Pitch machine called a Chladni pitch, different pitches create different patterns called Chladni patterns. They took the designs carved into the chapel and matched them up with the patterns made on the Chladni pitch and…they have music. They actually have a full piece of music which they have now placed traditional hymn lyrics to and are selling the CD. In fact there is a world premiere concert coming up to debut the music.

Here’s where I am going with this. As I read through a lot of the research info, people have basically taken this find and made it a very “New Age” thing. Isn’t it interesting when something amazing happens with creation, that is is quickly written off as a miracle of nature and not God! Anyway, regardless of what people make it, I am amazed by this discovery. How Great is our God! He created music and melody and He even placed an image with it. Sound has a design. That is so cool. Like I said earlier, it seems that a lot of this kind of discovery is taking place. Are we, as His people not doing our job in displaying the majesty of God, that creation has to do it for us?

I am amazed by my God! Everyday! I hope this is an encouragement to continue and move even deeper into lives that display our God’s glory. I refuse to let a tree out praise me!

Check out this video of the Chladni Pitch Plates…


Now check out this video that displays the pitch plates and then shows you some of the designs in the Chapel. At the end of this video, my wife made the statement that the angel is not looking at the notes…it is looking at God as if to give praise. You’ll see what I mean. Also, the music in the background is the music created by the carvings in the chapel…

2 Responses to “I guess we need to Praise louder!”

  1. 1 Heresight

    Extremely cool! I saw some websites that talked about the musical qualities of DNA. http://www.nslij-genetics.org/dnamusic/
    I pretty much dismiss it all as “new age” stuff but I always wondered about it still. Last month my oldest brother and I moved my mom across country to Connecticut. He brought a CD from a “prophet” type guy who talked about the same thing (I pretty much dismiss that as well, mostly). It all had me thinking about the subject of manipulating matter and how God effected it all. I mean, there had to be some method of actually DOING it that He used. Not maybe like technology or some gizmo per se, but life does follow some miraculous patterns that seem linked at some deeper level than can readily be explained. I once heard someone say that the Holy Spirit sang over the expanse to bring forth life. Wishful thinking or prphetic insight, I don’t know. I do realise that sound waves only affect gases but their equivalents do exist in all electromagnetic spectrums. I am looking intently forward to asking Him, if the question is still germain at that point, “How did you make that, Daddy?” Maybe He’ll even let us try our hand at it!

  2. 2 Brent Hodge

    I agree with being cautious of the new age ideas. I just think it is so cool that God created all this. I will definitely have questions in heaven as well!

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