"Even The Rocks Cry Out!"


Don’t know how many of you have seen this article? Scientists believe they have recorded the Sun singing! That’s right…singing. They have shown that there are specific frequencies that resonate from the Sun’s atmosphere. They go on to say that when the Sun sets off flares and such, there are even more sounds that are emitted.

Ok…think about this for a minute. The Sun is singing! The Bible says that “even the rocks cry out”. Even the creation sings God’s praises. 2 things that come to my mind in this.

#1 – The frequency at which the Sun is “singing”, is too low for the human ear to hear. If you think about that, it makes complete sense. Why would the Sun be singing for humans? The Sun is singing for it’s creator and no one else. Do we sing exclusively for the purpose of praising our creator?

#2 – I think there may be more to this, “even the rocks cry out” than we think. At first read it sounds like, “if we don’t, then they will”. In other words I take that to say, When I stop praising, creation praises for me. I don’t think I should look at it this way. I think that creation is always singing. In fact it never stops singing. It is praising it’s Creator 24/7. We…humans…are the ones that fail at that. I think the scripture is saying that even when we fail, God is still praised. It is sad that those God has created specifically to love Him, fail so miserably at it. Take another step. The Sun is just doing what it’s been created to do. And because of that, God is praised!

I think we can learn a lot from creation. God created it for His glory. He has told us that creation itself proves Him and praises Him. Guess what…creation is doing it’s job! We aren’t. Creation is going to continue to do what it is created to do. Praise it’s Creator. How about we do what we were created to do.


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  1. 1 Brian

    I was just writing a song about how creation reavieling God to man. like how the branches on the trees, lift thier leaves ,to praise the Son, cause hes the only one who can give life. I was looking for the vs that says even the rocks cry out, and this is the first thing on google. What a trip! I truly believe creation is praising God , I like the way you put it though, In Him —

  2. I think your blog on ” even the rocks cry out” makes so much sense, I put your response, with your link, on my facebook group discussion. May I have your permission to republish it on also on my website blog? Thanks, Brent.

  3. 3 jane

    Do you think the land cries out? Do you think it has life?


  4. Funny, this post is really old, but it’s fun to see people noticing it.

    By the way, my blog now is at http://brentinworship.com/blog

    Brian, that is cool!

    Scattering Stones, i emailed you, hope it all works out.

    Jane, I am emailing you as I write this.

  5. 5 Pamela Ditto


    I was looking up something on the stones crying out and ran across this blog. How very exciting. How wonderful!

  6. 6 Candace

    God Bless, I too was searching for this verse for reference inspiring a song I wrote. Holy Spirit gave me the song…wanted to read the scripture..still have not found it… but was touched by the others who also have been guided to this spot. Creation is full of song!!!

  7. 7 Rick

    Where in the Bible does it say “even the rocks cry out”? The closest I could find is a conditional statement, that the rocks would cry out IF the people were silent (Luke 19:40). That was the basis for a song, as well – “Ain’t no rock gonna cry in my place, as long as I’m alive I’ll glorify His holy name.”

  8. Rick,

    Luke 19:40 (King James Version)

    40And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.

    • 9 Rick

      That is the conditional statement I referenced. It says the rocks will cry out IF the people are silent – it does NOT say “even the rocks cry out”. It may also be specific to that event (Triumphal Entry), and not a general truth, though I won’t argue either side of that.

  9. 10 Gaby

    This is such a beautiful posting…it is so true…

  10. It’s 2.20am and I am writing some thoughts I have about a study I am doing on the words of our mouth. To really shorthand these thoughts – words took me to sound,then vibrations, then to create etc. That we need to speak out not just ‘ think’, because our words create vibrations that go out into the atmosphere/universe to create or to do. Look at Isaiah 55v11 ‘ so shall my Word BE’ (He wants His Word to cause a vibration that creates, causes His Word to come to pass, like in – Gen 1v3 God said, Let there BE light. God did not think but SAID – in the saying He caused vibrations that switched on the lights that are still on in the universe… Then I thought oh my goodness, everything speaks, even the rocks…how I got to google and your blurb -even the rocks cry out… and how about “all Heaven declares”… Love it . The entire universe is speaking and so should we. Praise the Lord for He is so awesome. His Word is like an iceberg, we only scratch the surface with our understanding.

  11. 12 Danie Goosen

    I believe the crying of the rocks has to do with the scientific fact that everything so called dead are alive. The rocks have a natural frequency and this resonance is excactly the same when a human says “hallelujah” meaning Praise the Lord. So the Creator of everything knows the composition of even rocks. As science discovered the light rays are vocal, “When the morning stars sang together” in Job38:7 , our ears cant hear this as much as when rocks are crying out. Perhaps Jesus was trying to tell us that one of these days he will allow us to hear what He has heard since the beginning of time. I am a bit of a romantic, But my Creator was there “before all things and in Him all things consist. (Col 1:18)” Hallelujah

  12. 13 Duane

    The rocks crying out is one of the gospel writers memory of what Christ said and in another gospel it is mentioned that God could raise up of these stones worshippers of Him.

    Anywhere it mentions creation speaking, it is simpley means that God’s work speaks for it’s self (a figure of speach). The sun is singing? How is it people can give human characteristics to rocks and the sun as if they were actually alive and speaking or singing? Are you going to start talking to the sun and the moon next?
    Why not? When a wolf howls, isn’t he praising God too? or is it even the moon he is praising?

    The morning stars singing together is a reference to the angelic hosts of heaven, but, if you look at the stars and hear them speaking to you Psalms 19, please let me know what they are saying…maybe there is an interpreter for the tongues of stars??

    I fear for the condition of the church, no-less the world. God made man to glorify His Name, all the things surrounding man are for man’s benefit, and to show the will-fully ignorant, guilty in their denial of the exsistence of God. God’s handiwork is clearly seen, and only heard (understood) through human reasoning in the natural, and Spiritual understanding through the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit. Inanimate objects do not speak. Wood and Stone idols didn’t and do not speak, nor hear, though they may have mouths and ears, and unless God raises up stones to worship Him, they will remain silent. Similarly, unless God takes out men’s stoney hearts and give them a heart of flesh, they will only and continually be dead in their sins and unable to “hear” God’s handiwork for what it is.

    • 14 Rick


      The stars spoke to the Magi, did they not? Jupiter, the planet of kings, moved into Leo (the constellation of Israel) and had a conjunction with Regulus – the star of kings – not once, not twice, but three times due to retrograde motion – an extremely rare event. Other astronomical events (whose importance the Magi recognized) occurred at the same time. The stars “spoke” to the Maji without using words or uttering sounds, in accordance with Psalm 19. Now, that is NOT to be confused with astrology (which is forbidden), but it is notable that God Himself used the Magi’s star studies to inform them of His truth. Without words or sounds, the stars did indeed reveal knowledge, also in accordance with what is taught by Jesus (Luke 21) and Paul (Romans 10), that the heavens deliver signs.

  13. I was looking up “even the rocks cry out,” and found your post. Very good!

  14. I was looking up this particular scripture and saw the line I think there is more to this and that it is more than just if we won’t they will. That caught my attention! I really like what you’ve done with this and I’d never heard the part about the sun singing but I believe it because every living thing has frequencies and yes, it is music to our creator, praise even. I really appreciate this and upon seeing your answer to Scattering Stones, I will go ahead and post a link on my blog regarding this scripture and your post. Thank you, Brent!

  15. LOVE IT!! Thank you for this post!! Beautiful.

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