Too Long and Thank you


Alright, I want to say I really appreciate the couple of you that check this page out frequently…even daily. I have let you down this last month. It’s been busy for sure. It’s been too long since my last blog. Thank you for your interest and commitment.

So, anyway, Easter was amazing. I really enjoyed being on campus this year. From a technical perspective, there is no place like home. There definitely is not enough space to accomodate all the visitors, but to me, that is part of the fun. God does amazing things and He allowed us to burst at the seems. We had close to 30 baptisms and numerous decisions for Christ. We had a communication sheet people turned in to let us know their thoughts on the weekend. It was very encouraging to read through everyone’s thoughts. People really had a good time. Best estimiates is around 3500 in attendance for Adults and Kids. Numbers are great for one reason. We are excited to see how many we had a chance to affect. God is now workiing in 3500 lives that were here at Easter.

The worship team and tech team did amazing. Lots of time commitment and services, but you all did wonderful. Thanks so much! It is such an honor to work with a team of givers and servants who want to do their best for the Kingdom and have a fun time doing it. I always look forward to being with all of you on the weekends.

I have taken yesterday and today off to lay low. I promise I will be back up and running this next week with amazing insights, incredible wisdom and sought after truths. Of course I will be linking to all of these. Anyway, thanks for hanging out with me!

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