This is silly!


Don’t know if you’ve read this article, but I have to comment on it.

This is silly. First of all, how can anyone question someones “Christianity” based on a song or two. Do they even know this guy? This kid attended college in the late 90’s there and they consider themselves the expert on where his faith is today, 10 years later? Based upon…a singing competition?!?! I don’t mean to rant, but I’m pumped after a great morning at church, I’m excited about Easter coming up…and the Ducks lost. I am getting really tired of Christians raging on everything, especially themselves. Why is it that every time Christianity has a chance to be noticed, Christians destroy it? Some Christians are bent on attacking anything they don’t consider “right”. I go back to my thoughts on another post. I wish we could stand for more instead of fighting against everything. I have to say “we” even though I don’t agree with anything this school has said, because we are on the same team. it just seems that most of the time, a lot of us our cleaning up after our brothers and sisters messes.

Alright, I’m done. I do appreciate what Cheryl Greene had to say at the end of the article though. I say go for it Chris…have some fun. Besides, I like your sense of humor.


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