Easter 2007


We are having some fun with promotion of our Easter services at TRF. We are in the middle of a sermon series called “Overcome”. It is taking us on a journey through the book of Acts. It is teaching us as people and as a church how to build our foundations in Christ (Origins), how to approach and tackle issues and problems on our journey (Obstacles), and how to look for and live the life God has intended for us (Outer Limits). We as a Pastoral staff have had a great time putting together this journey. For Easter we will begin the third part of our series “Outer Limits”. We are going to focus on Saul’s conversion. We’ve built a website and promo to excite people about what’s to come. Go check it out here. tell a friend about it. Email everyone you know with the website address. No need for any explanation, just pass the info along. See ya Easter Sunday at TRF.


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