As a Pastor, every day I am placed into situations where decisions need to be made. These decisions in my mind are always crucial and important. Why? Because they are decisions made by me, a leader in God’s church, for His kingdom. There’s a ton of pressure there. It is seldom that a decision is made and there is such clarity that it is obvious. But, there is always a peace as I walk through a process of prayer and waiting with God.

Yesterday I read an article written by a Pastor at Elevation Church. I’ve been following his blog and the church for a while in interest. They are a quickly growing and dynamic church. They inspire me to consistently evaluate my passion for ministry. This guy is passionate! One of the things that has impressed me though is not just the action, but the wisdom behind action. I want to be a leader that is confident in who I am in Christ to lead boldly, but always humbly so as to submit to God’s authority. I think Steven has done that.

Some may agree with him or not, but that is not at issue here. There is a passion for God’s kingdom and church that few leaders have. There is a boldness with confidence in who God has called him to be. There is a humility in the authority of God’s Word not his own. All of this is wrapped up in what I am seeing to be an extremely dynamic, Spirit led ministry.

Anyway, check this out and enjoy his passion…


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