Let me know


That seems like a phrase I use in email all the time. Let me know. It’s almost like the common answer of I’m good or fine. It is said enough that it almost means nothing. I was talking to someone the other day and I asked them why they hadn’t responded to some emails I had sent. They told me they didn’t realize that I wanted them to respond. When I pointed out that I had said in each email…”let me know”…they said, “Oh, I thought that was just what you said to say goodbye”. I guess I over use this statement.

SO…I want to hear from you guys. What do you think of the blog so far? A couple of you have already said what you’ve enjoyed. I want to hear that, but I also want to hear what could be better. What would you like to hear about? Do you want more humor? Less humor? Do you want me to actually make sense? I can’t promise you anything on that. Is it laid out OK? how about design? Anyway, leave me some comments and tell me what you think.

Let Me Know…

4 Responses to “Let me know”

  1. 1 wife

    You’re my hero Big Daddy


  2. 2 smeeD

    That’s just what I was gonna say.

  3. 3 Brent Hodge

    You know how to make a man happy, don’t you Mark 🙂

  4. 4 Heresight

    How about vulnerabilities. I can see the friction. OK… that’s human.

    Where’s it hurt? Where’s God touching & healing you?

    Now you know.

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